The flood

Used to say we don’t get no floods up here in the hills. Forgot about the towel brigade because it hadn’t happened in a few years, ground saturated above us here in the valley. Thought to myself, when it was pouring outside tonight, should get out of bed and check. Didn’t. Getting old.

Until an hour or so after the rain stopped. Stepped into water in the family room, the lowest part of the house. Not quite ankle-deep but has soaked the big rug good. Have been using a wet-vac but it’s slow going. Probably better to let it evaporate under the fans and with the door open.

Until the rain starts up again about noon. Towel brigade and flood vaccing then. Going to call a rug cleaner that picks up and delivers about 8 a.m. to get ahead of the rush maybe. Will update.

UPDATE:  Got the rug out for drying and cleaning. Then fought off another flood about 1 pm , until I started losing. Then the storm quit us. Whew.

4 responses to “The flood

  1. Sennacherib

    If you’ve got sheetrock damage (you might by migration under the molding) let me know, I might have some ideas to help you. In my last incarnation I ran the field operations for a demolition company and worked a lot of jobs with water (mold problems) damage remediation.

  2. No sheetrock in the vicinity of the flood. We seem to have it all dried out and the potential biggest offender, the soaked rug, is gone, just 24 hours afterward. Thanks, though.

  3. Sennacherib

    Good. If it is carpet and has a foam pad under it, throw it away you can’t save it. Also you’ve got to find where the water’s coming in and stop that in the future. Otherwise you’re living in Texas rain their comes in one big drop.

  4. I know where the water comes in, a glass sliding door to the patio. Runoff comes roaring (not really) in a waterfall off the stone steps and sweeps across the patio to the door. Got some old tiles to block the door but… Have to use towels to soak up the water and keep drying them in the dryer. But have fewer towels than usual as Mr B. took some to A&M. Yes, it pours here frequently. I always laugh at gutters on houses hereabouts, including ours when we bought the place. They are overwhelmed except in a light rain. Useless. All they do is collect leaves.