Flood watch

Been keeping an eye on weather radar since we’re under a flood watch until Saturday afternoon. Got the place dry enough, until I smelled mildew and discovered a cardboard box in the closet that was soaked.

Got the box out to the front porch. Full of old CDs as well as water. I left it on the porch. I hope someone steals it. Meanwhile used towels to clean up the water and put a fan on the spot to further dry it out. Going to buy some Lysol spray for the walls.

Any more tips, your Excellency? Two walls in the closet are concrete but the back wall may be sheet-rock. Not sure. Suppose I should say the death toll so far stands at one. A fellow who was swept from downtown into the river/lake and found floating, drowned. Long way from the rancho happily.

3 responses to “Flood watch

  1. Sennacherib

    Yeah, wash the area with a solution of Clorox (as strong as you can stand.) If the sheet rock is soft from water damage, go up above the damage (usually about 2 ft) and cut a horizontal line from corner to corner and open it up to dry (once dry wash it too with Clorox) That way you can dry it out without replacing the whole wall.

  2. Have left it alone after the mildew smell receded and pretty much stopped. Or is it merely lying in wait to catch me unawares?

  3. Sennacherib

    Just check on it every once in awhile. If the drywall is soft (push on it with you finger and if it gives it’s soft) cut it out. It’s in the closet out of sight, just let it have air and if there is no smell big deal. You might have a little mildew in the wall but that’s nothing to worry about.