Bad deals

While Dims prattle on about the Green “New Deal,” they’re conveniently forgetting a UCLA study that found the old New Deal prolonged the Great Depression by almost a decade.

“The downturn of 1937-38 was preceded by large [federally-mandated] wage hikes that pushed wages well above their NIRA levels, following the Supreme Court’s 1937 decision that upheld the constitutionality of the National Labor Relations Act. These wage hikes led to further job loss, particularly in manufacturing…Our research indicates that New Deal labor and industrial policies prolonged the Depression by seven years.”

An enacted Green New Deal is likely to start one. Not that the Dims or their stenographers in the media care, so long as the graft is good.


2 responses to “Bad deals

  1. And while they’re complaining about our President’s treatment of the press and how he’s supposedly endangering the journalists, they seem unperturbed by how first New Deal’s Author used the IRS to go after and jail members of the press who were critical of his policies (their other favorite President, Woodrow Wilson, also liked to lock up the press).

  2. Bronco also did it, wiretapping phones and etc. No need for that today as most of the media is Dimocrat. Though I bet the Dims would like to jail Breitbart reporters/editors.