Finally, antitrust

“The Justice Department has opened a broad antitrust inquiry into whether Silicon Valley giants are unlawfully stifling competition. The announcement under Attorney General William Barr confirms that Facebook, Google and Amazon are all in the crosshairs, significantly ratcheting up the pressure on Big Tech as lawmakers also conduct their own hearings into issues of privacy, hate speech and content moderation.”

Via Fox News

3 responses to “Finally, antitrust

  1. Sennacherib

    What struck me was after the reported weeks of prep, rehearsal, and gaming the outcome just how incompetent the Democrats actually were, on national TV no less.
    PS. I actually felt a little (not much) sorry for Mueller.

  2. Sennacherib

    Well I put my comment in the wrong post and I’m calling the Dems incompetent!

  3. No worries, the buffoons are usually confined to the Dims whose electorate is knee-jerk and uninformed.