Painting: burnt orange versus maroon

Getting a painting estimate today for the mini-rancho’s hallway and the bedroom ceilings. All in baby-blue. “Angelic blue,” by name. The bedroom ceilings will eventually have crown molding in white around them.

A bit more painting after that. For instance, an accent wall in “roasted pumpkin” (burnt orange, actually) in the dining area (not actually a room) surrounded by a shade of yellow Bar wants that I can’t remember at the moment. (Update: Honey Pecan) Lighter than the “Cheerful Yellow” of the bathrooms. Probably also followed by crown molding in white.

Thinking if we’re going to have UT’s burnt orange we need a maroon accent for A&M to help Mr. Boy feel at home. Howdy!

UPDATE:  We really like the Angelic (baby blue) hall and bedroom ceilings. But it finally occurred me that the color is the baby blue stripe of the Army’s dress uniform trousers for the infantry. And that figures. Baby, infant.

From Merriam Webster’s site: “The Italian word fante (from Latin infans, “infant, child”) originally meant “child,” later “youth, boy,” and then “servant.” In the 14th century, fante also took on the sense “foot soldier.” In Renaissance times, the fanteria, foot soldiers collectively, became a significant branch of arms, and the Italian word infanteria, was borrowed into English in the 1500s.”

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