Issur Danielovitch, R.I.P.

Kirk Douglas to most of us, Issur was the son of an immigrant Jewish rag-picker and junkman in upstate New York. He died on Wednesday at 103. He Anglicized his name and became one of Hollywood’s top movie stars, then found his way back to Judaism relatively late in life, embracing it with a vengeance after he survived a helicopter crash.

Via The Jerusalem Post

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    Several years ago I had a census taker come by. One of the questions she asked me was to identify my race. I said, gentile. She didn’t like that answer.
    So I said, the bible describes to kinds of people, Jew and gentile. But, if you believe in the Lord Jesus Christ then there is neither Jew nor gentile. She didn’t like that answer either.
    Best wishes to you and your family.

  2. Thanks for commenting, Charlie, and best wishes to y’all too.

    • Charlie, you just don’t fit into politically correct boxes. They probably wrote you off as non compliant.

      Good for you!