Declaring martial law

With 27 140 cities experiencing riotous insurrection, according to Drudge, is it time to send in the regular Army? Aren’t enough to handle all 140 cities, so maybe just declare martial law in the cities with fatalities? Only a few of them, so far, like L.A., and Indianapolis, of all places.

Set an example for the others. Or let the guard handle it, where they will, unlike in Minneapolis. So send the 82nd there.

Via Drudge

UPDATE:  President Trump’s declaring the thugs of Antifa members of a terrorist organization is a good start. Now watch all the Dims and celebrity cockroaches who donate to Antifa bail out.

MORE: Guard seems to have quelled rioting in Minneapolis. Or maybe not.  From Power Line Blog in Minneapolis: “I don’t deny Antifa’s involvement in the current chaos, but that group lacks the foot soldiers needed to carry out the widespread arson, looting, and vandalism our cities are experiencing. The foot soldiers are local thugs.”

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