Wine Connoisseur

“Justice Ruth Bader Ginsburg admitted Thursday night to not being ‘100 percent sober’ when she dozed off at last month’s [2015] State of the Union address.”

Now that it’s been the obligatory 24 hours of praise and respect for the passed, we can get down to business. Ginsberg, the Liberal Lioness, was not only an outspoken anti-Trumper whilst sitting on the court (quite the legal no-no, doncha know) but also a bit of a drunk. And her dying partisan words [see previous post] carry no legal weight whatsoever.

Via The NYT & Tablet

2 responses to “Wine Connoisseur

  1. The proverbial “she’s gonna roll over in her grave” when she sees who Trump nominates for her seat applies here

    There should be term limits as well for SCOTUS in my opinion. She thought herself immortal and would outlast Trump (believing him to lose this upcoming election). If she had been truly wise, she should have stepped down during Obama’s time in office and had him appoint an incoming RBG Jr.

  2. She loved power too much and it was a good place to get drunk without consequence.