Happy Veterans Day

Members of the old Sixth Platoon of OC 504-68. Infantry Officers Candidate School, at Fort Benning, Georgia. This was before about half dropped out, but veterans all.

7 responses to “Happy Veterans Day

  1. thank you for your service.

  2. Great photo of 6th Platoon. Wish Russ was still with us, but he left us with memorable quotes, stories and jokes that kept all of us entertained. A true friend who always sent Christmas letters that needed professionals to decipher.
    The photo is of a great group of guys that worked very hard to serve their country! Great memory!
    Thanks, Rick Wilson

  3. Good to hear from you, Rick. I’m sure you can pick out yourself and Russ. I’m not in it because I took the picture. I’m still trying to get to Russ’s grave in Higgins, partly to honor him and partly to see what joking reference he put on his tombstone. If anything.