You will bend the knee

Amazon cuts off Parler’s Web hosting following Apple, Google bans.

I had just started trying to join Parler. Was having problems setting up an account. Heard was because so many were bailing out of Twitter. Now Big Tech is trying to give Trump and us supporters no voice on the Net. Eventually this will be fought in court but meanwhile, well, for me there’s Gab. Which went through this Parler shit without going to court. And survived.

Via Instapundit

UPDATE: “And most people with enough servers to host us have shut their doors to us,” Matze added. “We will update everyone and update the press when we are back online.”

MORE: Parler sues Amazon. It’s a start.

3 responses to “You will bend the knee

  1. Fight in the courts they may but they will lose. It’s a lost cause. Either way, having the left on Twitter and the right on Parler does nothing to advance society. There is no debate unless people from both sides come together in the same forum. But that will never happen again. The left will impose its approved narrative on all of us. Where a forum exists for people to express opposing views, said forum will be charcterized as platform for far right extremists and conspiracy theorists. Their advertisers and their vendors will be pressured to abandon it. And it will be no more, just like Parler.

  2. Gab is still running, so no I don’t think it’s over. The left has imposed its approved narrative for years now, in colleges and Hollywood and so forth, and at least 75 million of us aren’t listening. Or may listen and argue. I’m tired of arguing. I just want to keep up with what other conservatives, especially the Honchos like Trump, are doing. Fortunately the steal didn’t extend to Texas and I doubt it will. Not that it couldn’t. But we have two more years to find out before the push to take back the Congress. I almost wish I didn’t care but I do. Even though I know it’s all a big drama that ultimately will mean nothing.

  3. A time comes when you just have to accept what is. It’s over. They won. We were all asleep at the wheel for decades while they brainwashed the kids beginning in kindergarten and brainwashed the adults through their movies and prime time TV and agenda-based news outlets. We let them build the technology infrastructure we depend on instead of building one of our own and now it’s so entangled with everything that there is no way of escaping their control. There will be only one party going forward and that party will be subservient to the World Economic Forum which is in the process of its Great Reset for the entire world (I note that Biden’s “Build Back Better” slogan was lifted directly from the WEF). The roots of all this can be traced to a meeting at Jeckyll Island in 1910 when a group of prominent bankers met with a Rhode Island senator to hammer out their plan for a one world collectivist society presided over by the elite class (the bankers now joined by their big tech counterparts who made fulfillment of their plan possible). A 111 years to stop it but we blew it!