Ben Carson on Covid

He wants a reprieve, as the politicals seemingly prepare for another lockdown against the Omicron variant, of such shenanigans. And for the health authorities to regain some of their respect by allowing such as Ivermectin and hydrocloriquine which have had some effectiveness, to be used rather than scorned.

“We also have to recognize that this virus is mutating,” Carson said. ”It will continue to be with us for years to come. Fortunately, it seems to be attenuating. It’s getting weaker, which is sort of like the natural thing that viruses do as they mutate, but obviously, it’s a novel coronavirus that is something new.”

Irish democracy already is in full swing in Florida and here in Texas and seeing that, people in other states are going to be ignoring Lyin’ Biden’s vaccine push even for toddlers who have almost zero chance of dying from an infection. Time to use science as more than a political slogan.

Via Newsmax

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