The mask nazis won

I would suspect that Amtrak’s decision to halt the vaccine mandate for employees reveals that most of the holdouts are front-line workers on the trains themselves.

“I would bet, and it is essentially admitted by the statement from Amtrak, that a much higher percentage of the critical workers are refusing the vaccine than exist in the total employment ranks.  The most productive and critical employees within any organization are independent minded, dependable and capable of a much larger influence than the average person.  It is inside that core group of highly critical employees where effects from a vaccine mandate refusal makes the biggest impact.”

The mask nazis, in other words, whom we encountered on our last train trip, who threatened to throw off the train any passenger caught not wearing a mask. And put them off in the furthest reaches, the most rural, part of the schedule. Their performance soured us a bit on government railroad but we’re still considering a rail trip to Sedona next year.

Via The Conservative Treehouse

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