Big storm forecast

On Monday, the 21st that is. beginning lightly in the morning but getting windier and stormier as the day goes on. Spring is mostly storm time for us, through May, and sometimes extending into the summer. Got a new snaky “sand” bag for the step-daughter to use, if necessary, on her new ground-level apartment’s front door. The concrete surround looks flat to me. with no drainage. And the storage room hollow door a few yards away has a sprung back panel (from sitting in standing water?). We shall see. Better safe than sorry. If it does rain hard enough for the water to pond, we’ll probably lose electricity for a few hours. Which is par here in liberal land.

UPDATE: Light rain most of the day, moderate wind and no electric outages at the Canyon. But half a dozen tornadoes seen on the ground around Central Texas, ones in Elgin to our east and Round Rock to our north caused major damage. No fatalities, minor injuries. The snaky sandbag didn’t get used but is ready for the next time.

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