Abortion will still be legal

Even if Roe v Wade is overturned, as the leaked draft opinion is expected to do if it becomes real, abortion won’t become illegal. That will be up to the individual states, where prior to Roe, most held abortion to be illegal, but none do any more. Some states, like California and New York, will make it more explicitly legal. Some, like, say, Wyoming, may make it illegal. I doubt Texas will make it illegal, just keep the existing law which makes it legal up to about six weeks of pregnancy. Which the pro-choicers oppose and already are suing to increase. Frankly, I’m sick of the whole issue.

2 responses to “Abortion will still be legal

  1. Outside of America the entire debate is less emotional. Nobody freaks out over abortion in Israel, Australia, Europe or wherever. Also: To the left-wing cult the issue is more religious than to anybody else. Yawn.

  2. The American Left has made it their hill to die on. I couldn’t care less if they do.