Lyin’, Pedo Biden

So now he’s got the China virus. Maybe. With him lies are endemic.

“Strangely, leftists do not grasp that Biden’s current record and unpopularity are due not just to his unmistakable cognitive decline. The problem is not just his often-toxic personality, or his creepy habits of trying to shake the hands of invisible people or violating the private space of younger women.

“Instead, the Biden Administration has become an utter failure because voters detest its agendas. They recoil at $5-a-gallon gas. They feel their lives are being destroyed by 9.1% annual inflation and supply chain shortages.”

And because it will all get worse if Joetato recovers from whatever he’s got this time. After all he previously said he got cancer from windshield wipers. Not that we wish him ill. Heavens no. These days you never know who’s looking over your shoulder.

Via Victor Davis Hanson on PJMedia

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