Going home

Good old friend from Mississippi going home after a brief remission ended. Says she’s opted out of more surgeries because the tumors are too extensive and she doesn’t have the strength for recovery. Also on a feeding tube because of vomiting and morphine for the pain.

She shared a beautiful NDE  from this time last year, and is looking forward to going home. Though she bragged that being of yeoman stock she will be hard to kill.

“I was surrounded by white and gold angel wings—just barely moving in radiant light. No angels, just angel-shaped wings of different sizes…I begged to go but was told I had to stay behind.”

Begging to stay is normal for an NDE, of which I have heard/read many. So is being denied for some remaining effort left to do. Usually unexplained. I have read that we get what we expect. Devout Christians meet Jesus, who has a sense of humor. Jews hear Ha-shem (the name) who often is playful. Atheists meet their ancestors. All very compelling.

My friend will be happy to be with her husband of many years who passed young. So I’m happy for her. And you and all of us. Only the body dies. We are eternal.

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