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Special ops heroes

Epoch TV has a good interview with Michael Brewer, a special ops veteran who is one of scores of them who were independently guiding via phone and computer connections hundreds of Afghan allies and Americans to the airport until that closed down today. Now guiding them around the Taliban to borders of neighboring countries. Other reporting said they were being harassed by the State Department and the White House to cut it out. Makes Biden look bad, you know.

The grief shot

That famous photograph of Biden clutching his briefcase, which supposedly shows a politician in over his head, actually humanizes him. Grieving for the more than a dozen dead troops in Afghanistan. Much more eloquent than words.

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California students stranded

Oops. “The Los Angeles Times first reported that 24 students and 16 parents were stuck in Afghanistan as thousands of Americans and U.S. allies attempt to flee the country…”

They went there for the summer, on military visas, believing in Washington’s Nation Building lies.

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Abandoned, then stranded

“When she tried to get to the airport, the Taliban beat her for the crime of traveling without a male escort,” he added. “She has heard nothing from the State Department…”

She has until Friday, then President Hair Smeller will abandon her again.

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Our bad generals

“Until we return to prizing our Shermans and Pattons over Milleys, expect more Afghanistans.”

Hell, we’ll be going back before long.

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Let the killins begin

Starting with a former police chief (BLM will like this one) and executions of several women on the street for not wearing a head-covering. Eventually the Tallyban will get back to the stonings and head-choppings we all knew so well once-upon-a-time.

The sort of cultural differences President Hair Smeller was talking about in one of his rambling pressers before he walked off the stage without taking questions. He’s since taking them but telling a lot of lies. How much international outrage will it take for us to go back again? Probably a few lineups for beheadings of Afghan Americans—but just what the hell were 5,000 to 10,000 of them doing there, anyway? And why did Lyin Biden decide to ditch them all?

Jihad marches on

That’s the real message of the Afghan debacle. Dims who called the Fort Hood jihadism “workplace violence” and their pals in the FBI who never seem to get the religious angle of it all still can’t see it. The Taliban’s beloved sharia law dictates how people will behave, especially women whose mere existence upsets their male co-religionists and so they must clothe themselves in black from head to toe. even as President Pedo still thinks he can dictate “inclusiveness” (read affirmative action) to them in letters.

Says former Army War College Lecturer Raymond Ibrahim: “Whereas Muslims take a long, patient view of history, Westerners take a very short, myopic view; whereas Muslims maintain their ways and bide their time in moments of defeat (“we may be down but—so long as we’re not out—we’re still in the game”), Westerners allot too much significance to the temporal…”