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Let the killins begin

Starting with a former police chief (BLM will like this one) and executions of several women on the street for not wearing a head-covering. Eventually the Tallyban will get back to the stonings and head-choppings we all knew so well once-upon-a-time.

The sort of cultural differences President Hair Smeller was talking about in one of his rambling pressers before he walked off the stage without taking questions. He’s since taking them but telling a lot of lies. How much international outrage will it take for us to go back again? Probably a few lineups for beheadings of Afghan Americans—but just what the hell were 5,000 to 10,000 of them doing there, anyway? And why did Lyin Biden decide to ditch them all?

Negotiating with terrorists

Obamalot chose this July 4 weekend (of all times) to announce that it is (yet again) breaking with foreign policy tradition and negotiating with the Muslim Brotherhood, founders of Hamas.

Barry Rubin has repeatedly assured us (with evidence) that the Brotherhood is not a “moderate” organization as some would have it. Obamalot’s new move is not so unusual, you may say, since the White House already was negotiating with the terrorist Taliban on our exit from Afghanistan, and you would be right.

But we can also hope that they also are trying to finally bring home (recently promoted) Sgt. Bowe Bergdahl (above), of Hailey, Utah, who has been a prisoner of the Taliban for three years now.

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The Taliban uses Twitter

Heh. Well, it is a social medium, is it not? Or, in this case, an anti-social one.

And—as is happening a lot these days—three of their Florida fans are now in the clink.

Leaving Afghanistan

Fellow OCS grad Tucker Smallwood, who I have known and argued with since college days, opined the other day on our class email list that Barry should withdraw all the regulars while sending in the advisers, accompanied by air, artillery and medevac. Just as he and I did it in Viet Nam. I agreed but, probably, for different reasons.

I also see no reason to keep regulars in that briar patch with the Taliban tar baby but, moreover, I suspect Barry is going to be another LBJ, as this indicates, another micromanager all the way to defeat. The worst problem of course is that we’re really there for us, not for them. And they don’t want to fight in sufficient numbers to make advising worth while. But we could just go back now and then to clean out the Taliban rat’s nest. Annually, if necessary. It would certainly be cheaper in money and American lives.



South Vietnam is what this map reminds me of. Think of the red places as NVA-controlled Indian Country. Places where our forces didn’t/don’t go for very long. S. Warzistan on the left bottom is where that Predator’s Hellfire missiles killed all those Talibani at the funeral the other day. Eighty-something. I expected to be reading of Lefty outrage about that by now. The fact I didn’t sorta figures, though.This is Barry’s campaign now. He campaigned for it. His Leftist pals wanted it. Now they’ve got it. Lotsa luck. They’re sure going to need it.

I think they’re all going to be very sorry before The One’s first term is over. Iraq was/is the Left’s hated campaign, but it’s the one that made the most sense to me. Nevermind the WMDs and all that baloney. The point in going in there was/is that it’s in the middle of the Jihadi swamp that needs to be drained. I also believe that whatever success we’ve had there had more to do with the recent Iranian uprising than anything Barry said in Cairo or anywhere else. (He’s too longwinded, too on-the-one-hand, on-the-other-hand, to inspire anybody.) So let’s see what he’s going to do with Afghanistan. Wallow in the quagmire, I expect. Although that Predator strike on a funeral, of all things, was a good start. Wish we’d had more UAVs in South Vietnam. Apaches are nice, too.

Why we kill Taliban

A harsh, depressing video via Michael Yon. Until you remember all the comrades of these scum we’re eradicating. Someday we’ll get them, too.

UPDATE: Or not. A new pro-Jihad magazine in North Carolina, of all places, has to make you wonder.

Afghan burning

Finishing "A Thousand Splendid Suns" got me interested again in Afghanistan, which I admit had fallen off my radar as of late. Just in time to find out that things look bleak. Nothing like the days when the Taliban was in charge, but apparently sliding back in their direction. NATO isn’t owning up to its promises, Canada is getting antsy, the Bush administration is promising a few thousand more Marines. This is supposed to be the Dems favored campaign, well Hilarity’s. Obama, last we heard, wants to retreat everywhere and invade Pakistan. Nowadays, he says nothing. What would McCain do? Shift troops there as they are withdrawn from Iraq? One brigade at a time? At least we know he won’t give up.

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