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Which general?

“Which general allowed more than $85 billion in American weapons to fall to the Taliban — a sum equal to the price of seven new U.S. aircraft carriers?”

And etcetera. And losing Americans’ trust. How long before recruiting crumbles?

via Victor Davis Hanson at Fox News.

Our bad generals

“Until we return to prizing our Shermans and Pattons over Milleys, expect more Afghanistans.”

Hell, we’ll be going back before long.

Via NYPost

Barr the skunk

“What I am is an American patriot appalled at what has become of my country,” writes PJMedia exec Roger L. Simon in The Epoch Times. “And a great part of the problem—in its very essence—are people like [former AG] Barr and [ABC News’] Karl and the dance they do together [in The Atlantic]…a kind of preservation/elevation ritual for the Deep State and all who profit from it…

“Now [Barr] and Karl are collaborating to bury Donald Trump—or trying to.”

Still waiting for that Durham report/indictments Barr ordered up? Probably, as Simon says, for 2060. Wait on, suckers.

Via The Epoch Times

Dirty Science

Not just on the paranormal, which is huge, but on global warming/climate change, also. Which President Turnip Head will now enshrine in our taxes. With Lurch playing majordomo.

Via Roberta Grimes’ podcast

FEMA slow as ever

Now that the Texas electric grid is stabilized, FEMA is sending diesel generators. Bottled water would help more.

UPDATE: Finally, millions of bottles of bottled water, with the help of the Defense Department and the Texas National Guard

Bronco’s third term

Navarro: DOJ slow-walked Trump’s executive orders while fast-tracking Biden’s. No surprise. Obama had eight years to stock the DOJ with loyalists and these Dimocrat bureaucrats are now on his third term. You didn’t really think that dumb-as-a-rock Biden was running things?

Via The Epoch Times

The Vanishing Documents

The long reach of the Deep State

Or else it was an inside-Fox job. Chris Wallace, maybe?

UPDATE: UPS found the paper documents but still can’t locate the flash drive containing them and more, according to Tucker Carlson.