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Cataract surgery

Tomorrow at sometime after 10:30 a.m. when I’m supposed to arrive at the Bailey Square surgery center. It will be on my left eye, under full anesthesia, a relief as that one is quite foggy and getting foggier. The new lens in the right eye seems to be working okay, though I’m still going to need glasses.

UPDATE: It went well under full anesthesia. More later.

Eye improving

Five days out from my cataract surgery, the eye is improving. Whereas it was foggier than what it replaced, initially, the insert lens seems to be clearing. Colors are brighter. Still can’t read print on paper, but I wonder how much of that is the remaining eye to be done. It’s cloudy still.

UPDATE: One day later the right eye is still improving. Can read print on paper now. It all took awhile because, as the doc/surgeon said, I had seven layers of cataracts to emulsify. To get them through the normally small slit he cuts in the eyeball to remove/replace the lens.

Cataract surgery

Is tomorrow on my right eye. Not sure when as they were to call this morning about that. Haven’t yet. Be glad when it’s over, though everyone who’s had it says it will be easy. Left eye probably won’t be done until March.

UPDATE: The surgery was a bit complicated. I wasn’t blissed out as expected and was uncomfortable throughout, though not in pain. Doc said it was harder than he expected and I may have foggy vision for a few days. Though I have noticed that a sweater I thought was green is actually blue. Woo Hoo!

Cataract eyes

Mine, to be exact. After almost a year of foggy vision, I’ve finally given in to the inevitable and made an appointment for cataract surgery. On the 18th, I’ll get tested and a follow-up consultation set. And on the third date will be the surgery on one eye, followed by several weeks of healing, and then the second eye.

Reiki self-treatment and channeling for others has helped with this rather common problem of aging, but not eliminated the difficulties with driving and reading. So surgery it will be. Although it may not come until next year when Cedar Fever season is over. All the sneezing and eye itching and watering that accompanies that may interfere. We’ll find out.