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The Sneed mansion

The Sneed mansion in somewhat better days, i.e. 1936. Today it’s just a South Austin ruin surrounded by development. Even Wikipedia gets its history wrong, neglecting to mention that ol’ Sebron sr. was a Confederate provost marshal whose home was the rallying point for captured deserters and other evaders of the draft, and that the attic was used as a ballroom for parties and dances. Some of Sebron’s 21 slaves are nearby in a neglected cemetery that should be some sort of SJW monument to them and their plight but isn’t.

Removing the confederacy

“Texas House Speaker Joe Straus asked the State Preservation Board to take down a plaque at the Capitol that asserts that slavery was not the underlying cause of the Civil War.”

It’s a sop to the liberals who recently won the removal of Confederate statues from the UT campus. And Robert E. Lee from Lee Park in Dallas which promptly renamed the park something or other.

Now they want all the Confederate memorials on the Capitol lawn removed. I’d be for getting rid of Jefferson Davis from the soldier’s memorial but keeping the soldiers.

In fact, keeping all the soldier’s monuments. They fought, after all, for comrades and family. But there’s no denying slavery was mixed in there somewhere. And the statue-removal crew won’t settle for half-measures. They’ll keep arguing.

Via Texas Tribune

Cowardly spirited away in the dark of night

Statues of Lee, Johnston, Reagan and Hogg were removed around midnight Sunday from the University of Texas campus. So the pathetic snowflakes wouldn’t melt with indignation.

General Robert E. Lee, of course, led the Army of Northern Virginia; Albert Sidney Johnston was a Texas general killed at Shiloh; Texan John Reagan was the Confederacy’s treasurer; and first native-born governor James Stephen Hogg’s only apparent “crime” seems to have been being the son of a Confederate general.

Via the Daily.

When Duty Calls

“When the left loses it always gets violent, it always creates diversions, it always uses its hold on the media, and it always proceeds according to the dictates of their crazy cult.

“I don’t think we can turn them back at this point. Cultists have [too much] trouble breaking out of their vivid dream to think clearly. Absent a sudden onset of sanity I don’t see it happening.

“It is the duty of every sane person to both counter their narrative and to try to fight off the inevitable overreaction.”

Such as the loony tunes idea that 14 percent (blacks) of 300 million are going to start a race war.

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Renaming Robert E. Lee Road

When Austinites named the road after Marse Robert, it ran through an Hispanic neighborhood. Was a little bit of a poke in the eye.

Nowadays the neighborhood is gentrified and white liberal as all get out. Adios, General Lee.

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Extreme right and left clash

I have mixed feelings about the Charlottesville, Virginia, event. Sorry for the loved ones of the dead, of course, especially the two state troopers who died in the helicopter crash.

But, otherwise, there’s nothing better than the two extremes dukin’ it out. Hard to feel much of anything for them, except mutual disdain. Happy if they came away mutually bloodied.

The car crash apparently was related to that old standby of Leftists: Stopping traffic. Hard to feel sorry for the one who was killed in that melee. Looks like, from the charges against him, that the driver was part of the extreme right. But for the fact that he was from out of town, he could have been just a pissed off motorist tired of Lefty protesters blocking his path.

Of course the Dem media is blaming Trump, tho the righties (dubbed “white supremacists” whether they were or not) ostensibly were pissed off about the removal of a Robert E. Lee statue. And Trump, to his credit, weighed in appropriately.  But, face it, nothing could satisfy the anti-Trump legions.

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UPDATE: The Dem news media has gone nuts, blaming Trump for the “white supremacists,” daring to protest—never mentioning antiFa or Black Lives Matter for starting the riot. Meanwhile, Virginia ACLU notes, almost in passing, that the local cops were ordered to stand down and let events proceed.

MORE: “There was no police presence.” The Dem mayor and the state’s Dem governor apparently wanted a dustup. It was very similar to Berkeley, where antiFa showed up, the police disappeared and the violence ensued. These Dem pols like violence.

The plot to oust Trump

It’s a House bill that so far has two dozen backers, all Dems. It would convene a committee of doctors to present to the full congress a psychiatric evaluation of President Trump in accord with the 25th Amendment—a JFK era amendment.

Maryland Rep. Jamie Raskin, who also teaches constitutional law at American University, has predictably failed to attract any Republicans to his banner.

“But the U.S. Constitution’s 25th Amendment does allow for a majority of the president’s cabinet, or ‘such other body as Congress may by law provide,’ to decide if an Oval Office occupant is unable to carry out his duties – and then to put it to a full congressional vote.”

You want a real civil war in this country, one of snipers and other guerrilla action initially aimed at taking out the political and establishment elite? This is the way to get one. Initially, I say, because wars turn messy fast. Especially guerrilla wars.

Via Daily Mail