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Susan Rice was Bronco’s tool

It’s easy to guess that her unmasking of intelligence taps came on orders from Bronco Bama himself.

“Yet, to be fair, it is difficult to know whether Rice was a seasoned architect of that duplicity. Given her reputation as a useful naïf and loyal fall person, perhaps she was easily manipulated into going on five Sunday shows to mislead and distort. Her subordinate Ben Rhodes needed a vessel to assure the nation that the Benghazi attacks were not due to administration policy failures, and Rice was deemed the ideal vehicle to spread that myth.”

Via Victor Davis Hanson in National Review

Ninety million idle Americans

I’m older than Victor Davis Hanson but he’s far more pessimistic. He has his reasons. He works in a university bloated with administrators enforcing petty rules, and tenured professors who don’t teach while low-paid lecturers do the actual work of so-called “higher” education.

Some commenters called me out for ageism for doubting the intelligence of a generation defying the thermometer to walk around in basketball shorts in the snow. I suppose they would apply the same to Hanson’s negative views of modern culture. But he has better access to statistics than the rest of us and he’s come up with a whopper.

Over 90 million Americans who could work are not working (the “non-institutionalized” over 16). What we take for granted — our electrical power, fuel, building materials, food, health care, and communications — all hinge on just 144 million getting up in the morning to produce what about 160-170 million others (the sick, the young, and the retired who need assistance along with the 90 million idle) consume.

“Every three working Americans provide sustenance for two who are not ill, enfeebled, or too young. The former help the disabled, the latter take resources from them…Given that the number of non-working is growing (an additional 10 million were idled in the Obama ‘recovery’ alone), it is likely to keep growing. At some point, we will hit a 50/50 ratio of idle versus active. Then things will get interesting. The percentage of workers’ pay deducted to pay for the non-working will soar even higher.”

The claims of these entitled idle already are impacting the few Americans willing to serve in the military. But they’re easy pickings in a society that increasingly neither understands nor values them. When it gets around to robbing civilian Alphonse to pay civilian Aloysius, however, things could get messy.

Glad I won’t (probably) be around to see that. One of the advantages of age.

The misfortune of Ebonic names

Bernie, at Planck’s Constant, points to a Harvard study showing that people with Ebonic names like Tabiqwa, or Bershawn are much less likely to be hired than those with standard English names. Fortunately, Bernie quotes from the key parts of the study because Harvard seems to have taken down the link.

No surprise either way, of course. Harvard’s nothing if not PC and who wants an employee whose name you can’t pronounce, much less spell? If you are a business person who is, nevertheless, tempted to hire someone with an Ebonic name because, as fate would have it. they are otherwise outstanding, you should at least avoid names with double meanings.

Such as my all-time personal favorite: Latrina.

Or Pajamas (pronounced paj-a-mas), both of which are real names of real (well, semi-real) people. The second one came from a single (what else?) semi-illiterate mom in Mississippi who reputedly went name shopping in a  Sears catalog. I’m not sure where Latrina came from, other than ignorance.

Bernie thinks Trayvon got his young black ass blown up because his Ghetto Fabulous moniker gave him a bad attitude that proved suicidal. Could be. Who’d want to be called Trayvon, even on a good day? Although it’s certainly better than sharing the name of a toilet.

UPDATE:  Wonder how much of this (black teen unemployment hits 41 percent) is caused by that? They sure got a deal in Wormtongue, didn’t they?

Wyoming prepares for the worst

The Wyoming legislature’s new doomsday bill may be overblown. They might need an army, an aircraft carrier (!) and their own currency?

On the other hand, the national debt does stand at an unprecedented $15 trillion, and the MSM keeps looking the other way—letting Obozo lie about what he’s doing while the missus keeps taking expensive vacations on our dime.

Meanwhile, gasoline is now above $5 a gallon in Los Angeles. Where, indeed, will it end?

Concludes VDH:  Probably near $10 a gallon.

Via Instapundit.

Those Californicators

Victor Davis Hanson’s take on why I am seeing so many California license plates in the H.E.B. parking lot these days. Because they’re leaving the West Coast, at the rate of at least 2,000 to 3,000 a week:

“…a state that has the highest sales and income taxes, the most lavish entitlements, the near-worst public schools (based on federal test scores), and the largest number of illegal aliens in the nation, along with an over-regulated private sector, a stagnant and shrinking manufacturing base, and an elite environmental ethos that restricts commerce and productivity without curbing consumption.”

This time we better all pray these California trends are NOT the wave of the future.

VDH is such a hoot

The famed military historian and one of my favorite authors on our pathetically inept prez:

“His speech today was fine—if one ignores the usual serial invocation of ‘I’, ‘me,’ and ‘my’ that we’ve become accustomed to, as the president tries to radiate authority with first person pronouns rather than common sense reality.”


Soldier-Citizen candidates

“…other than a shared furor at out-of-control spending, government takeovers and corruption, the [more than twenty Iraq and Afghanistan veteran] soldier-citizen candidates are an odd bunch. Some are officers; others are enlisted men. A surprising number were wounded in combat.

“The vast majority are running as Republicans and seem to have little if any money. They were not so much preselected by Republican operatives as pushed forward through grassroots and sometimes Tea Party support.”

Read it all.