Fat man laughing

That would be Bill Barr, Trump’s last Attorney General, an establishment insider who turned on him. Laughing almost hysterically at the idea that the 2000 Mules documentary would have any relevance to American elections. Joining the Democrat fake news in dismissing it out-of-hand. What a doofus. And seriously overweight.

Here’s a decent analysis of the film, right wing, of course, as you can’t get a fair shake in the Democrat press these days. But the conservative NYPost piece at the inserted link is pretty fair, too.

“As the New York Post’s Miranda Devine writes: “The data pattern is unmistakable, as D’Souza shows a spider web of routes taken by various mules between NGOs and drop boxes. For each of the 2,000 mules the average number of drop box visits was 38, with an average five ballots deposited per visit. That’s 380,000 suspect votes…

“Remember: Only 43,000 votes decided the [presidential] election in the three battleground states of Arizona, Georgia, and Wisconsin. And this process of “ballot trafficking” was crucial to the Democrats’ razor-thin victories [in] those three states, as well as Pennsylvania and perhaps Michigan.”


Via The New York Post and the Patriot Post

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