The Planned Gas Collapse

Gas and other energy prices are going to be much higher folks, thanks to the Lyin’ Biden administration, plus the Russia-Ukraine war. Which, according to EPOCH Times analyst Joshua Phillipp, was a freebie on top of an intentional war on all fossil fuels. To eliminate them and replace them with solar and wind, and electric cars, in the name of saving the world from climate change. As if humans could change the climate.

3 responses to “The Planned Gas Collapse

  1. Invest in coal. Once everybody has an electric car the demand for the energy to keep them charged is going to go through the roof and solar and wind ain’t gonna cut it. Black fog and soot will fill the air in the name of saving the environment from the horror of gas and diesel!

    • And you can get the good ol town gas out of it. But that is not backwards enough. Remember that the goal is to make the West “net zero” or “CO2 neutral.” Homo erectus warmed himself on fire. We on the other hand will do without. Genius. Imagine Cain would have slaughtered Abel over windmills. That would have been progressive!

  2. Bronco Bama warred on coal and Biden will get around to it. So far, it’s only been open season on Republicans, but one suspects that will change. Lives are being lost, poverty is becoming much more common, and anger follows.