ERCOT is asking for conservation of electricity from 2 to 8 p.m. now that we’re in a heat wave and the windmills aren’t turning much. In fact they’re only producing 8 percent of normal. So we turned the AC up to 75 and unplugged major appliances not in use. They advised turning up to 78, but Bar has breathing problems.

The state’s Dimocrats are harping on the fact that we’re an energy capital of the world and the Republican governor isn’t doing…something… they’re not saying what. Their own president is in a war with oil and natural gas. Instead we’re to rely on windmills. In a time of little wind. Ridiculous.

3 responses to “Conservation

  1. Meanwhile Germany goes ahead and shows all you yankies and the world what wondrous innovations come out of a reliance on wind and solar energy. We are the envy of the world now. China, India and all the rest of the equal-to-us cultures that we better and teach at every turn will follow our example and rescue the entire planet. Not the world. Not the earth. You ingrate Americans don’t realize that such things only exist today because twenty years ago purple-haired, muesli-gobbling lesbians of the green movement saved the world and the earth for us. The world and the earth are fixed. Now we save the planet. By example. And as EU president Ursula von der Layen cannot stress enough with “ambition.” Watch us!

  2. Uh, OK. I’d rather have reliable energy, than Green Dream fantasies. But at least for the next two years of the Dimocrat regime, our goose is pretty much cooked. And onward, if some Deep State RINO succeeds Lyin’ Biden. Somehow, though, I do not think that our armed lower classes will quietly put up with no a/c and riding bicycles. Europe, we ain’t.

    • I hope, they don’t put up with it! I’m a total supporter of the second amendment (open for cooperative neighborhood battle tanks😉).
      Before I continue … a message from my sponsor, the World Economic Forum:

      Eat ze bugs! I said, no, it stops crrrrying! Enough. Zere arr more bugs tomorrow! Now, stop the crrrying! It will stop crrrying now and it will be happy!

      Anyways, it is likely that the energy shortages will kill a lot of production at the BASF which is the world largest chemicals producer. That will cause some supply chain issues again. Meanwhile the Dutch government bullies the farmers in the midst of a coming food crisis. Interesting times.