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Media matters

If it weren’t for the Dimocrats, the Dimocrat news media, the Mediacrats, wouldn’t be trusted at all. It was bad enough when I was a newspaperman, us then ranking even below Congress, but now it’s worse.

Fake News

USA Today (the Gannett chain’s flagship newspaper) fires reporter Gabriela Miranda and removes 23 of her articles after discovering she fabricated sources. Reminds me of a local fellow I know who had the same problem with the same result.

Mediacrats disgrace themselves

Der Faker Spiegel

How could the fact-checkers have missed Der Spiegel’s fake news? About a small town in Minnesota with the stereotypical name of Fergus Falls?

Easy, when fake news that fits prejudices is what editors desire. Many a time they’ll come out of a news meeting with their bosses and say to a reporter: “This is the story I want.”

And if you’re already a star, because you invariably find the story they want, nobody’s going to nitpick you. Ain’t that right Claas Relotius?

Until Fergus Falls, the little, Trump-supporting (62.4 percent in 2016) Minnesota town you faked news about (with a phony, pistol-toting city administrator who’d supposedly never been laid), fights back.

In the pre-Internet days, Fergus Falls would never see a German news story. Them days are long gone.

Via Politico

UPDATE:  Add Theft to the misdeeds of Relotius:  “On Saturday night, the magazine announced in one of the many articles documenting Mr. Relotius’s misdeeds that the editors would be filing a criminal complaint against him after it emerged that he had set up a private donation drive ostensibly to help two Syrian orphans that he had profiled. According to Der Spiegel, only one of the two orphans exists, and the aid money went to the reporter’s private bank account.”

Enema of the people

Via Earl of Taint

Associated Press, loyal servant

Of the Democrat Party, of course.

“The Associated Press is a loyal servant of the Democratic Party and its liberal components. If you doubt that assertion, consider today’s AP article on the upcoming U.S. Supreme Court term by reporter Mark Sherman.”

All liberal comment. Much of it anti-Trump. Not a conservative or even a moderate in the bunch. AP really has trouble with objectivity.

“The Associated Press plays this game every day, in pretty much all of its coverage. Frame issues the way the Democratic Party wants them framed, then turn to liberal ‘experts’ for comment. Are reporters like Mark Sherman fooling anyone? No, which is why trust in the media is in the toilet…”

A good old fashioned fisking by retired lawyer John Hinderaker.

Via Power Line Blog