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Face of the Deep State

This is how we testify before Congress, the closest thing you have to accountability. As if. And then we impeach presidents who oppose us.

The #WalkAway Movement

“In 2016, the Democrat media complex ignored the massive grassroots movement that came out in support for Trump, dismissing his massive rallies and popularity online as somehow insignificant. Now they are dismissing the #WalkAway campaign as a propaganda movement. Once again, something genuine and significant is happening across the nation, and it’s getting ignored or ridiculed by media elites. It doesn’t matter. Like a snowball rolling downhill, the movement is getting bigger and bigger with each day and there’s nothing an elite can do to stop it.”

Only independent journalists (and their editors) are capable of discerning new things. The Mediacrats are anything but independent.

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Fearing Fart, Barf & Itch

Much as I like to mock the bastards, they still have considerable control over all our lives (but particularly the little people) and seldom fail to use it. The IG’s report provides solid evidence of that. They work in support of the party of government, i.e. the Dems.

“If you worked on Trump’s campaign even peripherally and without pay, shop at Walmart, or are among the 63 million smelly voters who voted for Donald Trump then you better make sure you never come to the attention of this bunch or that you learn every federal law on the books and never, ever make a mistake or cross an ethical line.

“If you do, or can somehow be accused of having done so by anyone in the ‘correct class,’ then you can expect trouble. Perhaps you will awaken to a door breaking down at the crack of dawn with armed agents, or to the news that agents have looted the offices of your attorney to find something, anything against you, or throw you in jail without bail on unrelated charges until you agree to cooperate with them.”

The KGB, in other words. The Gestapo. They spare no one but the elite.

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The Open Borders Mob

Save the chil-rens. Save the chil-rens. Save the chil-rens!

What nonsense. Hollyweird. The Mediacrats. Laura Bush (!)

They all want open borders and will do anything to get them. Lie. Steal.

Stay the course, President Trump. They won’t love you even if you fold.

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Robber Baron

Jeff Bezos, the “richest man in history” according to Breitbart Tech news has been petitioned by more than 400 of his employees at the WaPo for better pay and benefits:

“All we are asking for is fairness for each and every employee who contributed to this company’s [improving] success: fair wages; fair benefits for retirement, family leave and health care; and a fair amount of job security,” the letter continued, adding, ‘Offering $10 a week in pay increases – or about 0.6 percent of the median salary and less than half the current rate of inflation – is unfair and even shocking from someone who believes democracy dies in darkness.’

“Working conditions at Bezos’ other company, Amazon, have also been criticized, with employees reportedly being worked to ‘exhaustion’ while trying to fulfill ‘impossible’ targets, and even urinating into bottles and trash cans for fear of being sanctioned over bathroom breaks.”

Wow. Liberal/lefty Bezos is a modern robber baron out to get/stay rich off the backs of his wage slaves.

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Telling the truth in three-quarter time

Amazing how the G7 kibitzers (and their elitest clones in the media) got all bent at Trump simply telling the truth about tariffs and other trade barriers.

“Trump is right that most countries protect their agricultural industries with tariff and non-tariff barriers. (The EU’s ban on GMO crops is an example of a non-tariff barrier that is rational only as an act of protectionism.) The U.S. has the most efficient agricultural sector in the world, and since most countries can’t compete with our farmers, they erect trade barriers. How is this any different from our imposing tariffs on steel or automobiles? It isn’t.

“Does Canada actually impose a 270% tariff on American dairy products, as Trump keeps saying? Yes, it does, according to the Canadian Broadcasting Company:

Canada levies a tariff of 270 per cent on milk, 245 per cent on cheese and 298 per cent on butter in an effort to keep imports out and tightly control supply.

“So Trump is right. A world without tariffs is a desirable goal, but a world in which the U.S. has no tariffs, but other countries erect barriers to our products, is not.”

But the G7 bigwigs meet to party, not to tell the truth. And truth-tellers are not welcome. Especially not in the snooze media. It interrupts their snoozing.

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