Stormin’ the Capitol

Unlike various talking heads, you know the usual suspects of the Fake News, I’m happy to see the storming of the Capitol, the lockdown, and escorting the pols out. Nobody’s been shot, nobody’s dead, just a vivid illustration of how you can’t steal a presidential election without protests. The debates inside over objections to Arizona’s election, were interesting, but will ultimately be futile. Not so the protests. They energize.

UPDATE: For all they huff and puff about law and order, these are the clowns who gave $600 Stimulus checks to working people who have lost their homes, their businesses, their minds after months of lockdowns and fear-mongering. It was all predictable and, naturally, the pols weren’t prepared. They never are. Too busy pocketing the lobby’s money.

MORE: One woman “who was shot” inside the Capitol has died. No details on who shot her or why.

MORE: A witness says the police shot her. Figures.

AND…A Capitol cop dies from injuries when someone threw a fire extinguisher at him. Just want to make sure to be fair. The other four deaths of protestors were from medical emergencies apparently unrelated to what was going on.

4 responses to “Stormin’ the Capitol

  1. “Unless somebody is dead it isn’t a real peaceful protest.”
    – CNN

  2. Heh. No burning police cars, either.

  3. I understand the sentiment but with the legislative and Executive Branches under Democrat control this only helps the other side as they set out to convince the American public that more of their freedoms need to be taken away for their own protection.

  4. Good luck with that.