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FLOTUS gets back neatly

Always like to have a good President Trump picture, especially when it showcases his beautiful and intelligent wife, Melania. The Jan. 6 thug committee got her former chief of staff to hit her in public with innuendo. She got back quite neatly, saying it wasn’t the first time a former staffer used her name to gain relevancy and profit. Heh.

Rule 5: The first couple

Holding hands as usual, despite all the trash-talking by the Mediacrats who libel/slander her as being held a prisoner in the White House.

Rule 5: Melania Trump


The Lady Culture has been kaput for at least a generation. So the notion of a First Lady is nonsensical as well as smacking of monarchy, the very thing the American Republic was supposed to be against. So it’s probably fitting that the wife of our latest president has modeled nude. I prefer this half-clad photo and a few others of her which I’ll post later on. A bit skinny for my taste. But fetching.

Rule 5: Ronda Rousey


Ronda’s Sports Illustrated body paint shots are nice, but I like this one better. Could be using the old Melania Trump pics lately exposed by the New York Post but, frankly, they’re not as good as this.

The Murdoch paper, a mainstay of the conservative narrative in the leftist NYT’s town, chose to print the nude pix from years before Melania met The Donald. Their power to change the political conversation away from the Hildabeast’s lies fell apart when Trump refused to play aggrieved husband. She’s too skinny for my taste but they’re not a bad reason in themselves to vote for him. Or at least to be jealous.