Of Owls and UFOs

I’ve never seen a UFO that wasn’t pictured or on video. Likewise I’ve never seen an owl, live, that I recall. But I was drawn to The Messengers by Mike Clelland about both, often in conjunction. The messengers are the owls and they bring mystery, before, during or after a UFO encounter.

I devoted the summer before my freshman year in high school to reading books about UFOs. Books from the public library as this was 1958 and no other sources were available. Books heartily debunked by my Air Force father who’d had some experience with Project Blue Book, a 1952 Air Force collection of thousands of sightings, mostly by pilots, mostly debunked.

The owls are another story. Clelland interviews scores of people who claim to have been abducted by the Little Gray Men and many had owl encounters at the same time. He treats them respectfully and doesn’t waste space gee-whizzing them, let alone debunking them. But it’s the owls that mystify.

Barbara Ellen had her own owl experience, though not (as far as she remembers) a UFO one. Like the others in the book, her owl’s appearance was preceded by an intense emotional time and followed, albeit months later, by profound change.

As Chelli, an Amazon reviewer, has it “It’s just the honest ‘truth’ as best as anyone can wrap their heads around, a flurry of phenomenon so pervasive, so unreal yet there it is, make of it what you will but don’t criticize ‘The Messenger’ for bringing it to you.” Indeed.

Trump is slaying Democrats

“The utter self immolation of the Democratic party should be sign enough that Trump is doing a great job. Only two years ago, we were about to elevate a criminal to the highest office in the land, moving to leftist control over every institution in America.

“Trump is different, sure. He is braggadocios, sure. But he is getting results. And the left is spiraling downward. Their hate and venom is being displayed all over and confirming to most Americans that they did the right thing in putting Trump in office.

“The deplorables understand Trump.”—-commenter etbass at Althouse

Yep, we do.

The Political-Industrial Complex

We’ve all heard, ad nausea, of the military-industrial complex. But how many of us know about the political version?

“…today, government, politicians, and big corporations might as well be one and the same. Their self-interests are inextricably intertwined. Members of Congress serving on pivotal committees solicit contributions—legal payoffs—from the very special interests they’re supposed to oversee…Congress ends up protecting and defending those it should be watchdogging.

“Likewise, federal agencies view the companies and industries they’re supposed to regulate as ‘clients’ and ‘stakeholders.’ These agencies are largely bought and paid for. They act as partners working in tandem for a common purpose…Big corporations write and approve press releases that the government issues. As allies they hold closed meetings and make decisions about matters of public interest without the public’s input. And because they make the rules: it’s all legal.”

Via a good, easy to read 2014 book about the Obama Administration: “Stonewalled,” by former CBS investigative reporter Sharyl Attkisson.

She also contends journalism is dying, especially the investigative kind, and acted mainly as cheerleaders for Obama. Which led to their insane attacks on President Trump. Next time you hear Bronco say he had a scandal-free presidency think of this book. Well worth your time and money.

Rule 5: Livi Rae

A lingerie line, Livi Rae, which isn’t actually in use here with this unknown but scrumptious plus-sized model.

Patriotism: A sucker’s play

The Z Man in a fit of realism:

“For most of my life, I was an easy mark, when it came to flag waving. I believed the stuff they taught us in school and preached to us in the media. Despite her flaws, I thought the ideal of America was worth defending. The trouble is, the people in charge had other ideas. Like a lot of people over the last dozen or so years, I’ve had a change of heart about a lot of things. One of them is patriotism. You can be loyal to people, but you cannot be loyal to ideas or institutions. That’s a sucker’s play and I’m not a sucker anymore.”

Via The Z Blog

Sugar & starch

Sugar and starch, both of which our grandmothers warned us not to eat too much of if we didn’t want to get fat. And now we encounter sugar in almost everything we eat and often starch as well. So much for the obesity epidemic.

So watch those hot dogs (sugar) and buns (starch & sugar) today!

Happy 4th!

The origin of Fake News

The term did not originate with President Trump, as commonly believed and repeated by the Mediacrats, but by orchestrated “corporate, political, news, and special interests,” according to investigative reporter Sharyl Attkisson, “who want to dominate the narrative and crush information that’s contrary.”

She says it was launched in September, 2016, and “quickly followed by an October announcement from President Barack Obama, in which he claims there’s a burning need to ‘curate’ news on behalf of the public. From that point forward, the topic of fake news dominates headlines on a daily basis. It’s as if the media has its assigned narrative and is marching forward…it isn’t the public that’s clamoring for content to be filtered, censored, or otherwise ‘curated.'”

Trump soon picked it up and made it his own in February, 2017, by denouncing the anti-Trump “fake news” of the NYTimes, CNN, MSNBC, CBS, and ABC and dubbing them the “enemy of the American people.”

Since then the Mediacrats have dropped Trump’s specificity and claimed that he called all of the news media the enemy of the people. That, my friends, is real fake news.

Via The Smear, by Sheryl Attkisson.