Obamacare Lite

Pity the Republicans aren’t going to repeal it. Only water it down. Ann Coulter says they have sold out. Seems so. They fear to rile the voters and only want to maintain their positions, for their chance to become millionaires off the lobby.

The Conservatives say they will fight it. But conservatism died long ago. Now it’s just maintaining the status quo. No wonder they’re fighting Trump so hard. Even he seems to like it. “This is his bill,” House Ways & Means Chief Kevin Brady of Texas says.

Indeed, Krauthammer says there’s no going back to pre-Obamacare days. Luckily for me I have VA eligibility to stave off O-care, even if I rarely use it.

The disappearing wiretaps

What the NYTimes reported existing on Jan. 20, it now reports never existed—weird, huh? (Photo via Arthur Schwartz on Twitter.)

Brett Stephens, over the edge

The former executive editor of the Jerusalem Post, Brett Stephens, has long been anti-Trump, but this is unforgivable:

“When will Republicans acknowledge that the President of the United States is mentally ill?”

As David Paul retweets: “Bret is the face of the self-immolating establishment.”

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What has Sessions recused himself from?

Is it the Dems hobbyhorse Russia-hacked-the-2016-presidential-election? Or is it something else, such as the FBI spying on the Trump campaign?

Neither supposedly is an ongoing investigation. The former was quietly put to bed after the FBI found nothing. The latter is just coming to light with Trump’s Twitter rant this morning about the Obama admin wiretapping him during the campaign. Naturally he cuts to the chase and accuses Barry of doing it. Naturally Barry, through a spokesman, denied personal involvement. A non-denial denial.

Certainly believable. Barry’s admin has done it before.

But now conservative bloggers like Instapundit and Powerline are calling for a special prosecutor to investigate the Obama admin’s wiretapping. And we’ll see whether that develops wings.

But, still, I ask you, just what has Atty Gen Sessions recused himself from?

Via Instapundit & Powerline

UPDATE:  Republican senator from Nebraska starts the ball rolling.


Turnabout is fair play


Breitbart: WaPo hit piece “fake news”

Indeed, it certainly looks that way given the distortion at the heart of the story.

“The Post does not provide the full transcript of the question, from Sen. Al Franken (D-MN), and Sessions’s answer. Instead it summarizes the exchange in a way that makes it seem that Sessions was asked if there was any contact at all between the campaign and representatives of the Russian government.”

And Session promptly denied the truth of the piece.

Via Breitbart News

The difference between Barry & Donald

WSJ’s James Freeman:

“Tuesday was in many ways a mirror image of the start of the previous presidency. Whereas Mr. Obama gave Republicans not the slightest incentive to try to cooperate, Mr. Trump just made it extremely difficult for Democrats in swing districts to keep pretending he’s Hitler.”

And WSJ commenter KennethGimbel:

“The Boy Wonder boasted about the power of his pen. [With his EOs] Trump is merely following Barry’s lead. Even more important, he has discovered the power of the eraser. Within one year Obama’s legacy will be an empty book. Quite fitting for an empty suit. The Obamas are reportedly about to sign a sixty million dollar two book deal. You will be able to locate  it in the humor/fiction/fantasy section on Amazon books or in  your local bookstore.”