Rand Paul mows his own lawn

That’s the take-away from this otherwise bizarre anti-Trump neighbor assault.

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UPDATE:  Attacker another crazed Bernie supporter. You’d have to be nuts to want bank fraud Bernie as president.

The Big Three get little

It’s no wonder the Big Three of NBC, ABC & cBS are declining in viewership. Here’s one more reason: ignoring a story that doesn’t fit the Dem narrative.

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Dumb dog

Yeah, just listen to CNN. They’ll tell you not to pay attention to Putin & Hillary.

The NYC jihadi

He yelled Allahu Akbar as he dismounted the truck he used to kill eight and injure 15. But it’s not, as the media always uses it “God is Great,” but “Allah is Greater.”

Which makes sense. If you were just killing for God, it wouldn’t make much of a battle cry, not as much of a one as when you’re  killing for a greater god.

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The Manafort indictment

It doesn’t pertain at all to Trump or the 2016 campaign. It’s an indictment produced by Mueller’s fishing expedition. So much for his “mandate.”

What do you want to bet Trump pardons Manafort? I would.

Fake News & Fusion GPS

CNN, or Certainly Not News, has close ties to the authors of the dodgy dossier, according to the Daily Caller. But Fake News is busy hiding the fact.

“CNN’s reporting on the dossier has similarly muddied the waters with incorrect information on multiple other occasions.”

Gee, what a surprise.

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Why are all the loudmouths African-American?

My headline , at least, makes better sense than what the Newsweak headline actually says. But, hey, that’s just ol’ Newsweak trying to get attention—clicks, you know, clicks! Since so few (or none) turn the pages anymore. My headline, now, that’s skating on thin ice.