Rule 5: Inna Kulin

Getting rid of Franken…

…will take more than the Democrats. Or the GOPe and the RINOS.  Even the Hildabeast praised his contrition. Oh blather. The moron will ride it out.

Via Breitbart.

UPDATE:  Even with a third accuser? Breitbart’s calling her the second accuser but apparently only because he got handsy with her like he did with the first one. The second one called him out for stalking.

MORE:  Two more anonymice accuse him of groping. The plot thickens.

Saving the Alamo

Texas Land Commissioner George P. Bush wants to save the “crumbling” Alamo by closing the streets in front of the chapel to heavy buses and trucks and other vehicles.

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Al-the-jerk humiliates a sleeping woman

This is what Al Franken, the jerk comedian and moron of the Senate, will be remembered for—humiliating a sleeping women by groping her breasts.

Franken under the sex gun

Couldn’t happen to a finer senator if I do say so myself. Two sexual harassment accusers. I love it.

“There is no rational reason to doubt the truth of Tweeden’s accusations [which include a photo], no legitimate defense of Franken’s actions, and no ambiguity here at all: Franken should resign from the Senate immediately. Democrats should call for him to step down straightaway. This revelation is a test of the Democratic Party’s consistency, honesty, and decency. If Democrats wish to preserve whatever moral standing they have today, they must exhort Franken to leave the Senate, with no hesitation or reservations.”

The Dems have no moral standing. They’ll pass and let Franken’s denial hold for now.

Via Slate.

UPDATE: Priceless comment from Dantes at Instapundit: “It’s gonna get fun. Franken is the Senate/House index case, like Weinstein was for Hollywood. This is going to embolden a lot of people coming out of the woodwork to make accusations of sexual harrassment against Senators and Congressman. Go long on Schadenfreude and popcorn.” Especially popcorn. Put the feet up.

MORE: PowerLine’s Scott Johnson on Franken-the-jerk: “The photograph is a killer. It is incriminating, but it is more than that. In the context of Tweeden’s account, it is devastating. It shows Franken gleefully humiliating Tweeden. It demonstrates his malice.”

Another attempted suicide…

…at Mr. B’s high school this morning. This one stopped from climbing over a third-floor railing into an atrium. The last one succeeded a few weeks ago. A senior. Getting tense out there as college application deadlines approach.

Judge Roy threatens harrassers

In the Congress, that is, where millions have been paid to accusers to shield guilty lawmakers. If Judge Roy is elected to the Senate and arrives with his sexual harassment claims intact, how long will it be before others are exposed?

Hence the GOP leadership’s effort to sink Moore in Alabama which is about as likely to send a Dem to the Senate as California is to send a Republican.

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