Lady Gaga’s little belly


Somehow, I don’t recall exactly how, I got roped into watching her Super Bowl halftime show on YouTube. I’d never seen her in anything before, only, like everyone else, heard her name ad nauseum. It was a pretty good show, as those things go, not that it would have been worth hundreds of dollars for a ticket to see it in person. But I was also taken by her little belly that’s threatening to fall over her briefs—shown here to appropriate effect. Age is catching up with her. Time to change costumes, Lady. Or does she go by Gaga?

Revolt Against The Elites

P.J. O’Roark in the new issue of the Weekly Standard:

“The elites fail and don’t suffer any consequences from their failures. As it is with elite carelessness about refugees, so it is with elite carelessness about immigration. To elites immigration means nannies, household staff, and fun new ethnic restaurants. Elites don’t see any similarity between Trump’s border wall and the gated communities where they live.”

They will, eventually, when the wall is up and the steady flow of cheap, unskilled labor is choked at last.

Tom Brady’s digs


Not precisely the New York City skyscraper condo of the Patriots’ star quarterback but similar. Even if I had the millions required I couldn’t live there. I get goosebumps just imagining a room with floor-to-ceiling exterior glass walls fifty stories high. Yipes.

Dental discount scam

When Mr. B. and I lost our dental insurance and I discovered how expensive it would be to get another policy, I signed up for a dental discount service. Then I discovered it was mainly useful for the service with its $30 down and $15 a month.

Then I discovered that most people don’t have dental insurance. Possibly because dental discounts are easy to get if you pay up front instead of forcing them to ply an insurance company with paperwork and long delays. Just ask the dentist’s office manager. You might not get more than 10 percent off, but you never know. Especially if you write a check immediately.

So the so-called discount services are little more than a scam for the untutored. It got worse when I tried to cancel the subscription and discovered the “service” web site claiming not to recognize my sign-in and password. I had to go through my credit card company, instead, and ask them to deny the charges. They did.

The death of Jon Snow

I’ve only seen the book version. It seemed inevitable after Snow, almost inexplicably, decided to lead an army of Wildings to Winterfel. Oath breaking, at the least. Treason at the worst. So it was plain that his brothers of the Night’s Watch would at least cashier if not actually murder what some think is the series finest character.

But because GRRM takes so long to crank out another book in the series (none since 2011’s Dance With Dragons), speculation as to what this death means has also become inevitable.

So is Jon dead as dead usually goes in the novels? (Remember Jaime’s dead mother “returning” to him in the Sept?) Will Jon’s brothers neglect to burn his corpse and so he becomes a wight or even a dreaded White Walker? Will the Red priestess resurrect him? Or has his warg’s soul already entered the body of his faithful dire wolf Ghost?

Until the appearance of Book 6, whose working title is The Winds of Winter, the answers are up for grabs. What say ye, o faithful fans?

Butt Out, Donald

Yeah I voted for him and yeah I mostly like what he’s doing and hope to like more and more as time goes on. But his recent bark at Israel to stop with the settlements is damned odd. It’s the establishment’s oldest line and our Donald is supposed to be anti-establishment. Whatever gives with that, stop it. Now.

As for Israel, please keep settling Judea and Samaria and then annex all of it!

Excerpt from The Winds of Winter


Excerpt from The Winds of Winter, long-awaited (since 2011) Book Six of A Song of Ice and Fire. I can’t speak for the artwork here but I do love the way Ser Martin writes.