Rule 5: Laura Lee Sosa


Start each day with gratitude and you can’t go wrong.

Cataract success

My new no-cataract lenses are coming along swimmingly. No problems with displacement or anything else. Slight lensing, i.e. curvature of the view on the outside of both eyes, but not distracting and expected to resolve in a few months.


Watched it on Amazon Prime. Uh, well, it was weird. I thought at first this was your typical New York Jew journalist comes to West Texas to make fun of the denizens. Super flat terrain. Pump jacks pumping. Whataburger. Texas Tech. But, then, it gradually morphed into the West Texans making fun of the New Yorker. And pretty soon they were all making fun of each other. I loved the exploding Prius. Best laugh I got. “It’s all regrets. Make it count.” 


Rule 5: Girl with gun

Martha’s Vineyard hoot

The rich person’s island enclave off the coast of Massachusetts getting fifty Venezuelan illegals flown from San Antonio by Florida Gov. Ron DeSantis causes an uproar. After all, MV is about 90 percent white (not counting the Obama’s in their mansion) so Dimocrats are urging the DOJ to bring charges against DeSantis. What a hoot. So much for the diversity Bronco lectured us about for eight years.

Via Yahoo! News, Fox News, and PJMedia

UPDATE: It took barely 24 hours before the rich, white liberals got the illegals bused off the island. Diversity died in darkness. Heh. Lectures for thee but not for them.

Dimocrat raiding

“Trump, Bannon, Mike Lindell, up to 40 of Trump’s allies and associates, including some of his lawyers, have now all been raided. This country now more closely resembles the Soviet Union than it does the USA we grew up in.” —Team USA

Via Twatter