The dead kiddie didler

“Anyone can come up with conspiracy theories. But there is no escaping the fact that [Jeffrey] Epstein’s career was one long conspiracy of mysterious money, a private island, the subversion of justice systems in three states, and the federal system, followed by a death that should have been impossible.

“A corrupt system enabled Jeffrey Epstein to abuse numerous girls. And now a corrupt system, somewhere in the shadowy maze of Civic Center, has drawn a final curtain over his death.”

Via Sultan Knish

What a revoltin’ development…

Jackie Gleason used to say that on The Honeymooners. “What a revoltin’ development this is.”***

We bought the mini-rancho “as is,” with multiple broken appliances. We knew about the broken microwave, the broken garbage disposal, the broken stove, and the broken ice maker in the fridge. We thought we were safe with the dishwasher. After all our buyer’s inspector ran water through it on one cycle and pronounced it good.

We ran soap and dishes through it this afternoon and it flooded the kitchen.

That’s because the soap dispenser is broken. It releases the soap all at once. This was not disclosed on the seller’s disclosure form. The seller gave us a $500 security deposit so they could stay in the mini-rancho nine days after closing. We’re inclined to keep the money to get another dishwasher.

Bar remembered the other thing Gleason used to say: “Hey Ed, how’s things down in the sewer?”

UPDATE***:  Yipes! It wasn’t Gleason who said it. It was William Bendix in The Life of Riley, a 1940s “American radio situation comedy series…that was adapted into a 1949 feature film, a 1950s television series, and a 1958 comic book.” Embarrassing!



Rule 5: Tamra Dae

We’ll be seeing more of this beauty with the remarkable posterior.

Off-line for a while

Pulling the plug on the old AT&T innertubes connection today and moving to reopen shop on Spectrum (Time-Warner in disguise) by Monday at the latest.

We’re moving from the rancho to the mini-rancho, sans roly polys we hope, still under the trees but poised on the edge of Neely’s Canyon in the hill country. Today, moving some stuff over, Barbara Ellen was enthralled with the animules: a family of white-tailed deer just below us on our fenced porch. She’s the reason we didn’t find a mini-rancho on a ridgeline this time. Haven’t lived on a ridge in sixteen years.

I do miss the sunrises and sunsets, but BE prefers to watch the deer, the squirrels and the birds, and I prefer to watch her be happy.

AP sucks

Never known for either good writing (that was the old UPI) or accurate reporting, the old Associated Press at least strove for objectivity. Not any more.

“The Left’s favorite game these days is exposing or “doxxing” supporters of conservative (or, some would say, common sense) causes. Why? So that fellow leftists can harass them or boycott their businesses. We have seen multiple instances in just the last few days. This one is striking because it comes from the Associated Press, which was once a respected news source.”

They are now as partisan as the rest of the Mediacrats: doxxing supporters of Israel.

Via Power Line

No-one’s life matters

“Emil Durkheim’s 1897 diagnosis of “anomic suicide” describes the Columbine perpetrators as well as the 2016 San Bernardino attack by Muslim fanatics, the “right-wing” shooter in El Paso and the “left-wing” shooter in Dayton. They are individuals cut off from society, destabilized by change and despairing of their own place in the world. Such monsters always have been among us. But now we are cultivating such monsters by destroying the ties that bind us to each other, to our past and to our future.” —David P. Goldman

Via PJMedia


Rule 5: Tamra Dae