Quantum Touch

The beat goes on. More energy healing, with a few twists. Another Reiki by another name. Or scalar energy. But, admittedly, with differences. This stuff is becoming ubiquitous.

China virus was lab made

“It was during their COVID-19 vaccine research that the pair came across “unique fingerprints” indicating the virus didn’t come from nature, they said.  The telltale clue: a rare finding in the COVID-carrying virus of a row of four amino acids, which give off a positive charge and bond to negative human cells.

“The laws of physics mean that you cannot have four positively charged amino acids in a row,” [British Professor] Angus Dalgleish told the Daily Mail. “The only way you can get this is if you artificially manufacture it.”

And 12,000 people are still dying every day, thanks to China.


Rule 5: Abigail Ratchford

Barr DOJ’s sham

That would be Barr’s instigation of the so-called Durham probe of Obama-era government interference with Trump campaign and presidency. Having spent so little money in first six months is clue to how little Durham’s actually doing.

Via Judicial Watch

Scalar Energy

I’m in Day Two of a 15-day free trial of distance healing with Scalar Energy, which is Reiki by another name. Part of it is respiratory cleansing, which I do feel, being a smoker who has respiratory issues at times, but not now. Look into it. See if it’s for you.

UPDATE: It wasn’t for me. After fifteen days, I let it go. Didn’t cure my eczema as advertised. But mainly I think I never felt its energy because of confusion with the energy from my daily Reiki self-treatments. I think it is Reiki by another name.

Andy goes home

He had a fantastic community around this blog and I want you all to know how much he appreciated your friendship over the years. This blog kept him honest and reading back over his entries the past several days, I can hear his voice and I’m immensely thankful to have it. I like to picture Dad in heaven with Danny Taylor and Fat Guy Scott, having a big dog romp with Tuco.” —by his BFF Cait

Save a spot for me at the everlasting picnic, y’all.

Rule 5: Wholesale

Wish I knew her name. Anyone out there who does? Tell me.

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