Dirty Science

Not just on the paranormal, which is huge, but on global warming/climate change, also. Which President Turnip Head will now enshrine in our taxes. With Lurch playing majordomo.

Via Roberta Grimes’ podcast


Rule 5: Alexandra Blaire

MLB woke, will it go broke?

Caves to President Turnip Head by moving the all-star game. Screwing black-majority Atlanta in the process. And MLB’s not majority black like the NFL which you would expect to do this.

Banana Republic

Who killed Ashli Babbit? If she was black, we’d all know the killer’s name. Alas, she was white.

“I’ve never covered a case where a shooter’s name was kept secret for any reason in all my years as a reporter It’s considered public record at least until now.”

That’s what happens when you invade Fort Pelosi. You get a coverup. Just another banana republic, that’s us.

Via Investigative Reporter Sharyl Attkisson on Twatter.

Reiki getting stronger

Took only seconds to clear pain in Bar’s hip (the left, feminine one) the other night and her lower back, right on the root chakra. Self-practice of Reiki helps, I think, storing up the energy in me.


Rule 5: Erin Grady

Idiot news

A Fox news blonde bimbo, “covering” the Boulder supermarket massacre, describes an AR 356 AR 536 as an automatic rifle. It is, in fact, a rifle scope, not a rifle. And automatic rifles have been outlawed for civilians since the 1930s days of the Tommy Gun. Just pathetic journalism.