Hostages, anyone?

“At least six chartered planes are attempting to evacuate these Americans and others from Mazar-i-Sharif International Airport, but the Taliban is reportedly preventing them from taking off….Rep. Michael McCaul (R., Texas), lead Republican on the House Foreign Affairs Committee, who has received classified briefings on the matter, told Fox News on Sunday morning that there are hundreds of American still trapped in Afghanistan and that the “Taliban want something in exchange” for letting these people leave.”

Just the latest in Slippery Joe’s continuing Afghanistan debacle. When the State Department isn’t blocking it.


Rule 5: Amanda Lee

Which general?

“Which general allowed more than $85 billion in American weapons to fall to the Taliban — a sum equal to the price of seven new U.S. aircraft carriers?”

And etcetera. And losing Americans’ trust. How long before recruiting crumbles?

via Victor Davis Hanson at Fox News.

Biden doesn’t care

“Since the 1980s, Joe Biden has been lying like a rug—and didn’t care. Let’s circle back to his civil rights movement lie, where his aides told him during his 1988 presidential run that his tales on the stump were false. He didn’t care.”

Let’s hope his fantasy world doesn’t include nukes.

Lyin’ Biden

That’s the title of a new category hereabouts. Let’s start with the Tree of Life Synagogue which Biden claims to have visited after the 2018 massacre that killed 11. Not so, says the synagogue’s rabbi. Biden never did.

A black one this time

Another scorpion last night, seemingly transfixed by the always-on LED cannister light in the hallway. Three whacks with a fly swatter and the inch-and-a-half carried on it to the toilet and flushed. Have to call back Aztec exterminators for a re-treat. Black ones said not to be venomous, but who would take the chance?


Rule 5: Ashley Graham