Rule 5: Angelica Oliveira

Comey don’t know nuthin

Nuthin bout no spyin. Clapper did but seems to have forgotten. Brennan just waits, no doubt conjuring visions of a CIA solution to Barr.

“Comey pretends the [FISA] court actually ordered the spooks to spy or surveil the Trump campaign, leaving out the part where the spooks tricked the court into permitting them to use the massive leviathan of government resources to snoop on a political adversary. The court didn’t just call up some folks at the intel agencies and say ‘I order you to surveil the Trump campaign!’ I’m sure in time we will learn more about the spying Comey knows nothing about.”

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UT students apologize to Hall

“[Wallace] Hall was an early whistleblower concerning admissions corruption in 2011, and faced harsh criticism for requesting application documents to investigate. Some attempted to argue (oddly) that he was overstepping his role as a (UT-Austin) trustee, and a controversial impeachment process against him began. Impeachment attempts were not successful, and Mr. Hall’s claims were validated in 2015 when an investigation found widespread admissions corruption.”

With the new Hollywood admissions scandal on parade, and a bribed UT tennis coach indicted, student government apologizes to Hall and asks that the university do as well.

I like it. I like it.

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Bronco did it

Unless the FBI was rogue, and we know it wasn’t. Just its leadership trying to suck up to The One. And commie Brennan was a leader of the spy pack, if not THE leader.

Clapper already sorta publicly admitted it was on Bronco’s orders, but his words have been ignored.

Will Barr get to all that or cave? Shoot, he just might get assassinated. Time to double-up on security and make sure the security is loyal instead of Brennan clones.

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Rule 5: Erica Lauren McNeil

Kamala the tech whore

Dim presidential candidate Kamala Harris is sometimes referred to as a whore by the more extreme righties, for her ages old extra-marital (his) affair with the California house speaker Willie Brown (His funniest line: “She loves me and I love me so we’re a match.”)

But looking back at her gig as California’s AG, City Journal’s John Tierney finds: “She had little regard for individual rights as California’s attorney general, but she carefully protected the rights of tech companies.”

So she’s another people liar and Apple-Twitter-Facebook whore. Figures.

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Knowing when not to shoot

Here’s a good idea from Defender88 at the NRA’s Shooting Illustrated:

“Buy a stack of man size silhouette targets.
Take 1 and make a large x across it.
Indicating this is a Non-Threat target.

“Staple the non-threat across the front of a standard threat target. Cover 1/4, 1/2, 3/4 of the threat target. Practice moving and shooting and hitting the threat (say head shot) without hitting the non-threat. At different distances.
Find out what your real capabilities are, under ideal conditions. Considering how you would feel in hitting a non-threat : Wife, kid, by-stander.
Try making a head shot, while moving, with one hand, etc.
Then consider it will be 10x harder in a real fight.
One thing more important than knowing ‘when’ to shoot is knowing when ‘not’ to shoot.”

And, having practiced, being ready to employ your knowing.

Via Shooting Illustrated