Three baby cardinals

Bar this morning spotted Mr. and Mrs. Cardinal shepherding three baby cardinals through the branches of nearby trees and briefly onto the tiles of the back porch. Checkers the cat, from the back of the sofa, was wishing they’d all go to hell, Bar surmised.


Rule 5: Charlotte Dyson

Banned by YouTube

More Google censorship, this time of an epidemiologist who opposes the Chinese Communist Party Virus lockdowns. They’ve been relaxed here in Texas but not elsewhere.

This is Google’s continuing censorship of anything about the virus response that’s not US Gov. approved. Dissent will not be tolerated, comrade.

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The leak in the wall

Lower kitchen cabinets have mildew growing on back wall shared with another apartment. And the remains of some standing water. We had a big storm the other night, so…

Got a plumber coming this afternoon to determine the source of the leak. Also Bugmaster returning tomorrow after we killed a black widow in the pantry closet.

Never a dull moment at the mini-Rancho. I thought we were done with fix-up, but no…

UPDATE: The plumber thinks it’s coming from next door and will try to contact them for a look-see. Meanwhile I summoned the property manager and will call my insurance company when the PM decides what to do.

MORE: PM’s plumber inspected and ruled out next door and seems to be turning to the idea of an exterior wall leak. Saw him take photos of the rock wall outside. Said any fix will have to go through the homeowner’s board. With more rain forecast this weekend. Time to call insurance?

Social distancing fatigue

Big crowds at Bull Creek greenbelt off 360 yesterday, according to the scolds of my neighborhood forum who have been arguing about volunteer face masks (should be mandatory) for weeks now. The gov said wear ’em if you want to; da mayor says businesses must require them. Will see if our cops wade into crowds to make arrests like in California. Hope not.

Of masks and men 2

Finally, scientific proof that wearing a mask can be bad for your health even if you don’t catch the Chinese Communist Party Virus. Explains why I almost passed out the first time I wore one for an extended period at the grocery: lack of oxygen in the blood and buildup of carbon dioxide in the blood.

Of course you can’t get into a grocery or most other stores without wearing one and for liability reasons it’s doubtful these studies would persuade a store manager to step out of line. So, take deep breaths before and after shopping. And don’t just browse. I cheat and lift it for a breath when no one’s looking.

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Rule 5: Joby Bach