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I Am Stoopid

That’s the slogan on the tee shirts they should give free to everyone who attends (and applauds) a Bernie Sanders speech. You know, the Democrat front-runner.

“…much more humane,” continues commentor ThaiSmile, an anonymouse at Instapundit, “than putting them in stocks to be ridiculed, or branding with an appropriate letter so they won’t be confused with real functioning human beings.”

Re “a good old-fashioned fisking” at Power Line titled: “Bullshit From Bernie.”

Such as the notion that Muslims are supposed to do unto infidels, etc: “The idea that the Golden Rule sums up the universal wisdom of religious faith is very silly, but is commonly held by non-religious people.” People like Bernie-the-atheist.

Haven’t read a good fisking in years? Me neither. As Insty says: Read. It. All.

Via Instapundit.