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AP sucks

Never known for either good writing (that was the old UPI) or accurate reporting, the old Associated Press at least strove for objectivity. Not any more.

“The Left’s favorite game these days is exposing or “doxxing” supporters of conservative (or, some would say, common sense) causes. Why? So that fellow leftists can harass them or boycott their businesses. We have seen multiple instances in just the last few days. This one is striking because it comes from the Associated Press, which was once a respected news source.”

They are now as partisan as the rest of the Mediacrats: doxxing supporters of Israel.

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The Deep State is real—and dangerous

“In Washington a picture is emerging of an eerie and lack-of-candor railroading of Donald Trump conducted by the likes of James Comey and Andrew McCabe. The abuse of power by government officials who refuse to acknowledge the authority of the duly-elected chief executive is not limited to the FBI.”

By no means. It also includes national security bureaucrats “who use secretly collected information to shape or curb the actions of elected officials…”

They are trying to overturn the legitimate choice of 63 million Americans.

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I Am Stoopid

That’s the slogan on the tee shirts they should give free to everyone who attends (and applauds) a Bernie Sanders speech. You know, the Democrat front-runner.

“…much more humane,” continues commentor ThaiSmile, an anonymouse at Instapundit, “than putting them in stocks to be ridiculed, or branding with an appropriate letter so they won’t be confused with real functioning human beings.”

Re “a good old-fashioned fisking” at Power Line titled: “Bullshit From Bernie.”

Such as the notion that Muslims are supposed to do unto infidels, etc: “The idea that the Golden Rule sums up the universal wisdom of religious faith is very silly, but is commonly held by non-religious people.” People like Bernie-the-atheist.

Haven’t read a good fisking in years? Me neither. As Insty says: Read. It. All.

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Facebook’s windy blowjob

“Facebook announced that it’s building a massive new data center in Fort Worth, Texas, and that the facility will be powered by 100 percent renewable energy…”

Impossible. Totally impossible. As big a “blow” job as any lie our Barry Hussein ever thought of telling, about health insurance, Benghazi or Iran. As Power Line notes:

“…all Facebook is really doing is calling 200 MW of new general wind power ‘their’ power, even though it will feed into the general grid whose backbone and main stabilizer will be natural gas and coal.”

“New general wind power” totally subsidized by federal grants because it can’t compete with fossil fuels.

But can the average lefty journalist or news reader figure that out? ‘Course not. Facebook gets its “blow job” and Barry Hussein gets his alternative energy sleight-of-hand. And, as always, the taxpayer gets screwed.

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Racist nuts with a cause

Flanagan and Roof. Two racist screwballs with too much time on their hands. One black, one white. Same motive, same m.o. Same quixotic aim: start a race war.

As usual, the Democrats and their half-wit president are blaming guns. So much easier than being a real leader, eh Barry? When it would be smarter to blame the fact that the welfare state pretty much ignores the mentally crazed.

“The patently crazy,” notes blogger John Hinderaker at the link above, “roam the streets unless and until they finally explode in violent acts. This is why the largest mental hospitals in the U.S. are in prisons.”

Um, there was one other apparent difference between Vester Lee and Dylan besides their skin color. V.L. was gay. But, for all we know, Dylan was, too.

UPDATE:  Vester was a poster boy for the Left’s “microaggression” bullshit.

“Obama negotiates like a Care Bear”

I’d post this video if I could figure out how.  For now you’ll have to go here to see it. Don’t miss it. I’m pretty sure it’s a Spanish parody. If so it’s a pretty accurate one.

The Europeans hated Bush. They’re laughing at Obama,

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Vietnam’s alleged new love for Americans

J.D. contends that the latest wrinkle in the Vietnam-America relationship, as reported by the PowerLine blog isn’t really new at all.

“Most remarkable of all, my friend said that the Vietnamese people love Americans. They can’t stand the Chinese, but they love Americans…. the Vietnamese rioters reportedly spared factories that flew the American flag.”

Yes, well, as J.D. notes, some Vietnamese loved us during the war, too: “As long as we had something they wanted, mostly money.” The urbanites, mainly, as I recall. The peasants in the countryside, at least in my AO, were afraid of us and after close association we learned to be afraid of them, too.