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Clinton unhinged

Slick Willie is demanding ABC either change the content or pull its upcoming 9/11 movie. Touchy.

"In a letter to ABC boss Bob Iger, Clinton refuted several of the miniseries’ assertions, including that he was too preoccupied with the Monica Lewinsky sex scandal to care about Osama bin Laden."

Well, Monica certainly must have been distracting him from something.

BTW, I reserve the right to call Big Bill "Slick Willie" because I voted for him both times, and made excuses for Monica. Him getting caught out at the end selling pardons was the last straw for me.

UPDATE Could be Big Bill knew his men would roll over and play dead, if this report that ABC is editing per request is true.

Via Roger L. Simon 

And now the party has joined him. They really have no shame anymore.