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I cheered, literally, when I read that the president had revoked John Brennan’s top secret clearance. It couldn’t happen to a nicer supporter of American communist Gus Hall, as Roger L. Simon of PJMedia put it.

I laughed, out loud, when I read that (Ret) Admiral Bill McRaven of the University of Texas, had condemned the president for the revocation and demanded that his clearance be revoked too—as it should be since he’s no longer on active duty. McRaven may be an admiral but he’s none too bright

As for Brennan’s NYSlimes op-ed charging the president with colluding with the Russians, it is, to coin a phrase, pure hogwash from a master liar. And McRaven’s backing of the liar says UT dodged a bullet when McRaven stepped down last year as chancellor.

Via Power Line Blog

UPDATE:  Nobody,particularly the Mediacrats, cared when Bronco scrubbed security clearances with Clapper’s help.