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Mr. Suspenders calls for foreign election monitors

“When Republicans suggest Democrats are up to no good, it is universally decried as a paranoid, craven or ‘openly authoritarian’ attempt to delegitimize an election. When Democrats suggest an election was stolen, it’s a grave warning of a crisis that should require “international election monitors,” in the words of Dan Rather.”

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What’s the frequency, Dan?

Mrs. Charm, good liberal that she is, faithfully listens to NPR every morning. I stopped years ago. And their recent attempt to rehabilitate belt-and-suspender-man Dan Rather to cover up his anti-Bush election fraud of 2004 is a good reminder why. It still amazes me that we have to pay tax money for NPR’s crap-as-news-and-analysis. How much nicer it would be if they were forced to be wholly self-supporting. You know, like Air America on which soon-to-be U.S. Sen. Al Franken couldn’t make a living? Heh.

As it happens, I knew Rather’s source before his crazy fraud. I had dealt with the guy on a pre-Bush piece he wanted on the Texas National Guard. My editors decided it was bosh, and I had to admit that it was pretty flaky. So it never ran. The guy later tried to get even by libeling me on a Web site that I won’t link to. A few years later I heard from other ink-stained wretches that he was playing Dan Rather for a chump. About the same time, Charles Johnson at LGF wonderfully exposed DR’s fraud, in the simplest way possible: showing that the source’s material was forged. All it has left DR with, four years later, is to keep trying to muddy the waters. Good luck with that. Even with NPR providing him a free, obfuscating tongue-bath.

Via LGF.

MORE: Beldar also had a small but prominent role of his own in exposing the fraud.

Dan Rather causes ‘mystery illness’ in Peru

Perfectly plausible. In a manner of speaking. But seriously, folks.