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WaPo turns guns on GOP front-runner

They’re investigating Wisconsin Gov. Scott Walker’s college years. Did they do that with the Worm? Do we even know what Obozo’s undergraduate grade average was at Occidental, let along Columbia, as WaPo made sure to tell us about W.’s gentleman’s C at Yale?

Of course not. Is this, their latest zeal to reveal the GOP frontrunner’s past, a better demonstration of how the WaPo is a Democrat servant, a lapdog to one political party while pretending to be objective journalists. A lot like Brian Williams, in fact.

Via Legal Insurrection.

UPDATE:  PJMedia’s Michael Walsh calls it: a “thoroughly nasty piece of work that brings shame and disgrace on both its writer and the newspaper.” Yep, that’s the Democrat snooze media. They’re well acquainted with shame and disgrace.