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Why CNN is fake news

Treadmilling at the J this morning I watched (and read in the text box) Fareed Zakaria on CNN doing a four-part interview/discussion on why Trump was a failure at the G20 conference.

Well three of his guests thought Trump was a failure. The fourth one, Elliot Abrams, thought he was a success. But Abrams was overruled, 3-1, and sat there with a tired grin as the others pounded him verbally.

Three to one. That tells you all you need to know about why CNN is fake news. It’s not even news. It’s a liberal Democrat echo chamber.

JPost: Elliot Abrams

G. W. Bush’s former deputy national security adviser on the disconnect between what a president like W. wants in the U.S.-Israel relationship and what the State Department actually gives him:

"It is partly because the State Department is less concerned with domestic politics than the White House is, and partly because the cadre of officials who handle Middle East affairs in the State Department are people who are mostly trained in Arabic – and who spend the bulk of their careers in Arab countries – rather than having a knowledge of Hebrew and being posted in Israel. This is not to say that they are anti-Semitic or hostile to Israel, as some people suggest. I think that is actually false. It does mean, however, that they lack an understanding of Israel."

A good read, this lengthy interview. Worth a look – as we wait to see how Obamalot influences the relationship.