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The endless pandemic

Booster shots for the first world and not enough 1 and 2 series for the third world could mean an endless pandemic as the third world keeps covid alive and thriving. (As well as mutating.)

“…those that are left behind can actually drive the pandemic forward,” says WHO. “The virus will not go away in any way, shape or form and we will not find a way to live alongside the virus.”


Via Jerusalem Post

Hebrew bloopers

Time for a break from all this politics. Liat Collins’ Hebrew fails in the Jerusalem Post qualifies as a break. With smiles, no less:

“A colleague thinking out of the box submitted this memory of a woman standing in line at the supermarket, preparing to have her groceries delivered. Since she was worried about them being crushed, she ordered: ‘Ten li od orgazim.’ You can figure out for yourselves what she said (albeit incorrectly). What she meant was “Give me more boxes (argazim).’”

Many more here. (I hope the link works without a subscription.)

JPost: Elliot Abrams

G. W. Bush’s former deputy national security adviser on the disconnect between what a president like W. wants in the U.S.-Israel relationship and what the State Department actually gives him:

"It is partly because the State Department is less concerned with domestic politics than the White House is, and partly because the cadre of officials who handle Middle East affairs in the State Department are people who are mostly trained in Arabic – and who spend the bulk of their careers in Arab countries – rather than having a knowledge of Hebrew and being posted in Israel. This is not to say that they are anti-Semitic or hostile to Israel, as some people suggest. I think that is actually false. It does mean, however, that they lack an understanding of Israel."

A good read, this lengthy interview. Worth a look – as we wait to see how Obamalot influences the relationship. 

The person is the weapon

Already wondering how bizarre my flight to Maryland and Virginia in early October is going to be? No shampoo can be carried on, for instance, or bagged in the hold? New rules to uncover before the flight. Wear loafers or deck shoes since you’ll be taking them off now and then, in memory of Richard Reid. All this for the niece’s wedding and chance to see old Vietnam comrade. Worth it.

Hence my interest in this Jerusalem Post piece on Israeli airline security becoming more acceptable in the US. Israeli methods stress that a mere hunt for a weapon in pointy object, shampoo or shoes is fruitless. One must remember that the person is the weapon. I can’t say it made me feel much better, since few details are revealed (Well, of course.-ed. One can dream. One can dream.) but it’s a good overview and a reminder to make sure the will is in order. Air travel is more like 19th century stagecoach, train and steamer travel every year, in terms of the potential dangers–including diseases, albeit different ones–and assorted unpleasant outcomes.