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Blaming Israel

That would be the usual suspects in the diplomatic community and their enablers in the Western news media.

This time for confronting the armed Gaza protesters head-on. The IDF has shot a few, killed a few, of the Hamas-organized idiots who tried to breech the security fence between Gaza and Israel. Boo-hoo. Then there was the outrage over Trump moving our embassy to Jerusalem, the undeniable capital of Israel—no matter who denies it.

“Doing the right thing often has dangerous consequences. You should do it anyway. We did. The president’s move was itself an end, and it stands as a positive one without regard to the inflamed terrorists and terror-kin or the media keen to enable them.

“It would be easy to say they simply want to oppose Trump, but that would grossly understate the degree to which blaming Israel is the first—and often only—reaction of Western media.”

Leftists all. F-’em. F-’em real good.

UPDATE:  Pallywood: Dying for a Photo-Op.