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Back in the Puckerbrush

Andy’s off his Central Texas vacation and back gate-guarding again in Webb County (which includes the streets of Laredo), in the far South Texas Puckerbrush:

“It has been 100+ every day since we [him and Tuco the dog] got here and the weatherman is just sayin’ more more MORE!  It is what it is I reckon.”

Enjoy the hills, Andy

Andy, of MyOldRV, is finally out of the gate-guard business down near Cotulla. His frackin’ gig of two years and seven months has succumbed to low oil and gas prices. Good for us drivers but not for oil companies and such.

Andy smartly took off for the western Hill Country, for a little vacating. He’s pointedly not saying exactly where. It’s pretty out there, and will be more so once the bluebonnets start unfolding. When this damn cold weather loosens its grip.