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Jewish Rifle & Pistol Club

I know some of our one hundred and thirteen members in the Jewish Rifle & Pistol Club of Central Texas already are carrying concealed and more may join them after the Beth Israel arson. Anti-Semites who want to live would do well not to believe that Jews are defenseless.

Our membership cards have the engraved reminder from Leviticus: “Don’t stand by while your neighbor’s blood is shed.”

Indeed, nothing says Never Again like an armed Jew. We don’t dial 911, until it’s over.

The Jewish Rifle & Pistol Club

Mr. Boy and I spent this morning at the Best of the West Shooting Sports range near Liberty Hill in Williamson County. It was the first meeting of the new Jewish Rifle & Pistol Club of Central Texas. Twelve experienced shooters and two novices showed up. Total membership, however, is thirty.

We all got membership cards with the engraved reminder from Leviticus: “Don’t stand by while your neighbor’s blood is shed.” Which is interesting. There is no requirement to rescue in American jurisprudence. The latter is about rights. Jewish religious law is about obligations. And probably a majority of American Jews are anti-gun. But as one of the club’s leaders expressed it in a recent issue of the local Jewish Outlook: “It’s not for everyone, but there should be someone.”

It was also interesting to meet the number of club members with Texas concealed-carry licenses. One, a Round Rock retiree, said he doesn’t carry all the time, just on special occasions such as the High Holy Days, when he wants to be ready to stop any schmuck who decides it would be a perfect time to take out a bunch of Jews. Those of the Islamic persuasion being the most likely to get the urge.

A few of us didn’t stick around to shoot after meeting everyone and having a group picture taken. The wind was strong, there was intermittent light rain and the temperature was only in the upper 50s. Happily what was initially billed as only an annual event will now be monthly. And the late fall in Texas often is warm. So next time…