Jewish Day At The Range

The growing anti-Semitism in the world, particularly in Europe and on American college campuses, has helped spawn a new interest among some Texas Jews in the care and use of firearms. Hence The Jewish Rifle & Pistol Club of Central Texas.

The club is sponsoring the first annual Jewish Day At The Range on the 25th at the Best of The West shooting range in Liberty Hill, up the road from the rancho. I plan to attend to see how many times I can put a .22 bullet from my new Ruger SR22 in the center of a paper target.

Some laugh at the little .22, but, as one SR22 user has commented, properly aimed, a .22 will kill you just as dead as a .45 ACP cartridge banger. And .22s are a whole lot easier to shoot (with almost no recoil) and the cartridges are much cheaper.

As Dr. Carson wisely said not long ago (to the inevitable chorus of denials by the usual leftist news media suspects) there would never have been a Holocaust if more Jews had been armed and competent in the use of firearms. I don’t think that’s going to be a problem from now on.

5 responses to “Jewish Day At The Range

  1. Sennacherib feels this very salutary for Jews and the population in general.

  2. Hm… I am, personally, skeptical about .22. I agree that properly aimed it will kill. However, when the weapon is most needed, there usually isn’t time to aim and the shooter is usually under lots of stress or even panic. Why the army and police shoot at the center mass, hoping for the stopping power of larger caliber.

    Unless, of course, that .22 is shot from AR 15 or similar 😉

  3. The point here is that range practice is needed, regardless of the firearm to be used for defense. And .22 cartridges won’t break the bank for repeated range practice. Practice also will reduce the stress of engagement, because you’re ready for it when/if it comes.

    Even a .45 in the hands of an unpracticed shooter isn’t likely to be worth much because the first round probably will go wild and subsequent ones, now with anticipation of the brutal recoil, could be just as bad. Cops and soldiers practice, after all, or they should if they want to survive.

    In any case the SR22 has a 10-round mag and you could put all ten center-mass very quickly with no recoil to spoil your aim. Only the first pull is double-action, all the rest are single action, i.e. quick trigger, and again almost no recoil. Some say to put two in the pelvic area, four center-mass and the last four in the head. I think all ten center-mass would be quicker and do just fine.

    I read a gun history the other day on a shooter site that said the most popular gun in the Prohibition era was the .32, subsequently derided as a “lady’s gun.” With only slightly more recoil than a .22.

  4. Sennacherib is a firm believer in center mass and shooting until there is no threat. Dead, wounded or gone, makes no difference to Sennacherib..