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“I hope everyone gets well”

So said a chirpy fellow, ostensibly from Nacogdoches, on the shuttle bus Thursday from the Best Western to M.D. Anderson Cancer Center’s main building. Underscoring that cancer patients are all over the place.

We’re back home again and not looking to return until the 31st. All that’s waiting now, apparently, is the busy MDA pathologists’ analysis of Mrs. C.’s tests, including a tissue biopsy of one of her cancer-loaded lymph nodes. Oh, and her doctor’s vacation. As she says, never get cancer in August because everyone is gone.

She’s still running a fever, knocked back by continuous doses of Tylenol and in constant pain which pain pills every six hours still are helping. But her right leg is swollen up to twice the left one’s size, so much she doesn’t like to be seen and walking is difficult. Treatment can’t start too soon for us.

Mr. B., meanwhile, had convinced himself, through faulty math, that treatment would be for nought. Our Israeli pal Mr. Goon, who has a degree in physics, explained where he went wrong. For once he was happy to be mistaken.