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Backing Biden’s asinine gun lies

It’ll be interesting to see if Matthew McConaughey’s Texas icon stock will now diminish, as Texas gun-owners stop paying attention to him now that he’s revealed himself as a gun grabber. As a Uvalde native he was in a perfect position to champion more funding for mental health services for teenagers such as the shooter who fill bags with cats for tossing in a river, but he never mentioned it. What he did say was the same old stuff that didn’t pass the Congress even when the Democrats were fully in charge and has about as much chance now.

Via The Federalist


This Matthew McConaughey space story is a good one, discounting the time talk which gets a little mystical at, uh, times. And confusing. But if you just roll with the punches, it carries you along nicely. Even the almost three hours passes swiftly.

Loved the school principal and teacher emphasizing the rewriting of textbooks to eliminate the Apollo missions, including the landings on the moon. Settled science and politics, as it were. For the good of the people, don’t you know.