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More taxpayer follies

“When presidents of government-funded broadcasting are making more than the president of the United States, it’s time to get the government out of public broadcasting.”

That’s $632,233 in annual compensation for the president of PBS-NPR. We’re in the best of hands. Just ask them, they’ll tell you. Nightly, as they ask for more.

NPR objective? Only if you’re a liberal.

The recent NPR firing of conservative Juan Williams was just fresh icing on a stale cake. PajamasMedia has a good piece of analysis of the tax-supported elitists who pretend to speak the truth.

“Neither Beck nor a single one of his supporters appeared on the [critical-of-Beck] show, an omission that appeared to be motivated more by journalistic laziness and a lack of intellectual curiosity than anything else….Put simply, liberals constitute the one subculture in the United States that consistently and often willfully mistakes its specific and particular preferences for universal truths.”

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Softballs for Wright

In general, I don’t care for Bill Moyers’ politics and I resent the fact that my tax money pays part of his salary at National Progressive Radio/Television. So I wasn’t surprised to see all the stuff he could have asked but didn’t in his interview with Jeremiah Wright. So the interview, while worth a glance at the transcript where you can skip around without having to listen to the whole thing, is half-baked from the get-go. I presume Moyers didn’t ask Wright about his AIDS conspiracy theory and his slurs on the founders Washington and Jefferson because even Moyers knows they are indefensible. But, as Power Line puts it, God damn America still means God damn America. And that’s enough politics for a while. I’m sick of it, too.

UPDATE: Here’s the full, unedited and extremely damning context that Moyers is helping Wright hide. If you take time (if you care) to examine the context, you’ll be amazed at how even the Associated Press is following Moyers’ lead in obfuscating Wright. Or just take AP’s version and go back to sleep.

National Palestinian Radio

That’s what playwright David Mamet calls NPR, which I also have stopped listening to, though for other (but similar) reasons, in this essay about why he no longer counts himself a "brain-dead liberal." Could be tough getting your plays produced that way, David. Not to mention sympathetically reviewed. (Note the outraged comments that follow the essay.) There’s also this amusing Pajamas Media piece about NPR’s brief February foray into conservative commentary. What I’m still awaiting is for the government to stop funding this one-sided outlet. Or at least refund that portion of my tax money that does so. Not going to happen? Certainly hasn’t yet.

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