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VDH on Barry

With the mainstream media fully in the tank for Barry, Victor Davis Hanson is worth repeating in toto:

The Obama Cult

I would say that about 90% of my current mail concerns things I have written about Obama—50% of it readers furious that anyone would dare question their messiah. I can accept that he is charismatic, means well, and has led a largely exemplary life, but cannot tolerate the charge that questioning Obama’s honesty and judgment in the Wright and related matters is somehow “racist.”

Let us remember: we were once promised that two liberal Democratic candidates would run a clean campaign in which the racially transcendent Obama would not, well, inject race. Almost a year later here are the sad facts—and they have nothing to do with the ‘right wing freak show.’ Note well:

1. Blacks are now voting 90% along racial lines against a white liberal wife of our first “black” President.

2. The liberal African-American transcendent candidate attributed racist views to his own grandmother who, he said, is “a typical white person,” and on a morally equivalent plane with the racist Rev. Wright.

3. Obama has smeared the white working class as xenophobic and nativist, racist in their distrust of the ‘other’, and hopelessly clueless in their clinging to guns and religion.

4. Then there is Rev. Wright: praised in Obama’s memoirs and in set speeches, and by his donations and 20-year church attendance, the Right Rev. nevertheless is on record slandering America, Jews, Italians, whites, et al.

5. In response, Obama at first defends him (“not particularly controversial”) , then as more hatred comes out, suddenly desires to give a transcendent speech on race (odd timing) in which he contextualizes Wright’s racism, and suggests right-wingers are smearing him by replaying these “snippets.”

Then Wright himself corrects Obama in a press conference, by assuring the liberal DC press corps that his hatreds are not taken out of context, but reflective of his odious views (race determines brain chemistry, Farrakhan is an historic figure, our government is giving blacks AIDs, etc.)—completely undermining both Obama (now in Wright’s view a mere “politician”) and the scores of African-American intellectuals, ministers, and professors who on the air for two months excused Wright by defining down Martin Luther King, quoting black liberation theology, citing Wright’s great works, and suggesting we are racists to demand explanations.

Enough said. Ethics and integrity call for pointing all this out. The real amorality belongs to all those who excused the racialism, gushed over Obama ‘context’ speech, and simply accept that a President of the United States need not meet the same standard of racial tolerance that others must adhere to.

Try all of the above with McCain or Clinton and see how long they would last.

Not to mention a pre-nomination, "informal" contact with the terrorist group Hamas. Talk about chutzpa. Meanwhile, Barry’s flip-flops begin. I thought he’d at least wait until after the nomination.

It’s the character, stupid

And Barry, in his contradictory public handling of his twenty-year spiritual mentor, has shown that he doesn’t have much, if any. The Dems are about to nominate another charlatan. John Kerry was their "military" candidate who actually despised the military. Barry is their "racial healer" who, secretly, is just another now-you-see-it, now-you-don’t pol.

No honorary for Wright

The official reason is timid, about what you’d expect from a university in these PC "diversity" days, but it’s the right thing for Northwestern (the onetime "Fighting Methodists") to do, denying an honorary theology degree to Barry’s apparently now former spiritual mentor after his rude, conspiricist and racist circus at the National Press Club this week.

The new fascism

More, inevitably, on Barry, the Chicago hate-America crowd (Ayers & Wright) he surrounds himself with, and his nutty wife who talks about how he will save our souls, whether we like it or not:

"The primary question in my head about Obama is beginning to move beyond ‘Is this guy a lightwight?’ to a simpler one: ‘Is this guy simply a walking lie, in a deep way and on multiple levels?’"

Either that or, like his terrorist pal and racist thug minister of twenty years, he’s truly creepy. At best, I think, we can all Hope to Change the subject. Go ahead Dems, save your party from collapse. Pick the lying Hillary.

MORE:  Occurs to me, reading these comments and links at Instapundit, that what Rev. God damn America was up to yesterday at the National Press Club might have been getting even with Barry for falling asleep in church once too often. But, hey, the NAACP loved it. They sure have changed.

Barry’s “spiritual advisor”

Pity more people didn’t watch the wheels come off of Barry’s campaign as the racist Rev. Jeremiah Wright spewed at the Nation Press Club this morning. It’s particularly educational to hear of the standing Os and applause that he got from the "journalists." Birds of a feather, etc.

APPLES AND ROCKS: Don’t miss the rev’s racist brain theory, i.e. the black apple and the white rock. As VDH says, these are Orwellian times.

Softballs for Wright

In general, I don’t care for Bill Moyers’ politics and I resent the fact that my tax money pays part of his salary at National Progressive Radio/Television. So I wasn’t surprised to see all the stuff he could have asked but didn’t in his interview with Jeremiah Wright. So the interview, while worth a glance at the transcript where you can skip around without having to listen to the whole thing, is half-baked from the get-go. I presume Moyers didn’t ask Wright about his AIDS conspiracy theory and his slurs on the founders Washington and Jefferson because even Moyers knows they are indefensible. But, as Power Line puts it, God damn America still means God damn America. And that’s enough politics for a while. I’m sick of it, too.

UPDATE: Here’s the full, unedited and extremely damning context that Moyers is helping Wright hide. If you take time (if you care) to examine the context, you’ll be amazed at how even the Associated Press is following Moyers’ lead in obfuscating Wright. Or just take AP’s version and go back to sleep.

Barry’s pastor

The Rev. God damn America is truly the gift that keeps on giving. Why, the foulmouthed, conspiracy theorist S.O.B. is appearing Monday at the National Press Club. Just can’t keep a bad man down. As for the North Carolina GOP attack ad on Barry’s pathetic pastor, which McCain and the national GOP are so exercised about, it looks as typical to me as it does to Mickey Kaus at Slate–unless you think Barry deserves special treatment for some reason. Because of his color, maybe? The NYTimes does. They call the ad "race-baiting." But, of course, that’s the NYTimes, the Leftist house organ. Get over it.

MORE: Save your own and the Dems’ humiliation: Drop Out Barry.