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Barry’s intentions

In the verbal rugby at my OCS email group over why we should/should not vote for Barry, his champions have turned to CAPITAL LETTERS to express their indignation that the establishment media is wasting time over Barry’s "allegedly" calling Sarah a pig, when it should be discussing "the issues." Good Dems always get exercised when the MSM steps (oh, so, momentarily) outside its habit of criticizing Republicans to criticize one of their nobles. It certainly is one of the few, if not the only times, the sycophantic media has questioned His Holiness.

I side with Treacher on this one. Barry certainly did mean to call Sarah a pig, and his audience certainly picked it up that way. Just as he meant to give Hillary the finger back in the spring when she dared to criticize him in a debate. He folds under pressure. Not a good sign for a wouldbe president. Moreover, after twenty years in the pews of his racist Chicago church, Barry’d probably like to whack Whitey a lot more than he has. But he knows that he can’t do that and get elected. So he allows himself to wallow in the safer mud of sexism. As for "the issues," that’s the standard Dem dodge, only trotted out when they seem to be in danger of losing. As, indeed, they certainly are. Surprise, surprise.