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Panic Over Obola Not Ebola

SEE UPDATE BELOW: New Ebola case in New York City.

It’s our lying, incompetent louse of a president that has people fearful of Ebola. Because we know he and his bumbling, biased bureaucrats will do nothing about it expect lie and prevaricate. Or as Mark Bayless, a commenter at the Wall Street Journal put it:

“The problem is….a complete collapse in our tolerance for self serving governmental bureaucrats, starting with Obama.  His kids do not attend the wretched public schools he forces on the rest of us and they do not eat the gruel that his brain dead wife demands that our kids eat. His family is not subject to ObamaCare and will be protected, at great expense if necessary, from the threat of Ebola.  We have had enough of this double standard.”

And WSJ commenter Judy Smith: “What we’re afraid of is HIM.”

Via WSJ.

UPDATE: And with very good reason, Judy. We have a newly discovered ebola patient in NYC, a doctor who should have known better after returning from West Africa. Instead, he rode the subway and went bowling in Brooklyn before he came down with 103 temperature. Now his girlfriend is quarantined and our brilliant federal health officials are canvassing his neighborhood for more victims. May it stay in the Northeast, thank you very much.

MORE:  New Yorkers are understandably upset and fearful—especially considering they are governed by Obola’s own party. Which is busy covering its ass before the elections. And backing-and-filling.