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Hitler’s reincarnation

Comment of the week at Instapundit comes from a fellow signing himself as BackwardsBoy:

“This Hitler fellow must be a Buddhist; he keeps getting reincarnated as a Republican president.”

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Why Trump Is An American Hero

“Donald Trump is an authentic American hero. He’s seventy years old and a billionaire. He could be retired, playing golf, bouncing his grand-children on his knee and making love with his super-hot wife. Instead he is tirelessly stumping around the country while being ceaselessly shat on by the entire Ruling Class, their media and their sycophants. He is literally risking his life to save the country he loves that gave him so much. Anyone who says otherwise is a charlatan or a fool.”

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No, just no

Much as I like candy corn and as thankful as I am for my blood sugar levels that its mainly available this time of year, candy corn beer sounds just too, too awful.

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Rules of the Democrat news media


The rules are never clearer than in the final weeks before a presidential election.

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About those lewd, crude comments

“It’s too bad Trump isn’t black and said those things in a rap video with a bunch of big butted ‘hoes’ He’d of won a grammy and been invited to the White House.”  —commenter Allencic.

Fo sho, honey.

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The Republic is dead II

Question: What is the Constitution for?
Answer: To limit the power of the federal government.

The federal code contains something like 5,000 criminal statutes and describes an estimated 30,000 regulatory violations that can be treated as crimes.

The founders would be aghast.

Via Instapundit commenter koblog.

The Source of Trump’s Appeal


We hear all the time from the Democrat news media—which I know from more than 35 years professional experience includes most television and newspapers–that Trump is a bigot who is untrained and unrestrained and therefore too loosey-goosey to be president. Then we think of his opponent.

“You probably thought Trump was the bigot in this contest,” writes Scott Adams, creator of the Dilbert cartoon strip, “until Clinton called half of Trump’s supporters a ‘basket of deplorables.’ That’s the point at which observers started to see a pattern. Trump has been consistently supportive of American citizens of all types – with the exception of the press and his political opponents. The main targets of Trump’s rhetoric are the nations that compete against us. In stark contrast, Clinton turned her hate on American citizens. That’s the real kind of hate. Trump is more about keeping America safe and competing effectively in the world. That is literally the job of president.”

Exactly and that’s why he is surging ahead of her, why his rallies are larger and more enthusiastic, and why the recent spate of pipe-bomb and knife attacks will help him win, probably by a landslide.

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